rejected-as-i-look-backMy Personal Testimony:                                                                          Dear Reader, you may be alone, hungry, homeless and feeling quite lonely. Or perhaps you have recently suffered loss; and this season is making it all seem so much more unbearable. Please calm down, let my story give you hope.

Let me first reassure you that you are not alone. GOD is always with you. Know also that I am standing with you in prayers.

I understand where you are at and what you must be feeling. I have been there also.

The Reality:

On December 25, 2001, I was alone, hungry, sick, lonely and feeling depressed in my ‘new-home’.

That ‘new home’ happened to be an abandoned ‘public toilet’, which was located at what later became a mission-field.

On that fateful day, everywhere was quiet. Family and friends had no idea where I was! I had been forcefully evicted from my last housing because residents in the estates had objected to our doing ministry there.

Their objection was noise pollution and fear of the unknown.

I had my counselling office and the ministry center in a section of the house. The ministry specialized in healing and deliverance. People brought those who had addiction issues and spiritual problems to us.

And whenever sessions are ongoing, the demons often cried out as they get evicted. The sounds that came out were scary for my neighbors and they lodged a complaint.

I tried to relocate elsewhere, but could not because of financial constraints.

As a love and faith-based ministry, we could not lay any financial burdens on the people. Love constrained us and we could not fleece the sheep.

We lived by faith on God’s grace and the goodwill of those who gave back to us.

Until eventually, we were forcefully evicted, my team dispersed and I ended up in “Baba Shade’s Easy Life Public Toilet”; on December 22nd 2001.

Prior to that, I had gone into a wrong union on January 6th.

And within three months, I was abandoned for my associate and became single again. Getting into that relationship was one of the worst mistakes of my life as a Christian leader.

And then the eviction came.

I was in disgrace and in deep shame.

It was as if God had failed me.

I felt rejected, betrayed, unloved and unwanted. And the worst was I felt I deserved all the bad things happening to me.

Burdened with a guilt-complex from the facts that I had made so many mistakes in the past; I was too ashamed to even seek help from family or from beneficiaries of past good-deeds.

If the truth be told, I was just tired of me. If I was suicidal, that was a good time. But thanks be to God, I still had a zest for life.

Because I did not want anyone throwing my past at me,  I chose to stand alone with God on this. Besides I did not want to freeload on any one.

I was all alone in my misery until GOD made room for me in that abandoned public toilet.

For bed, I had old cartons.

My companions were my Bibles, concordances and counselling books. I had no computer or phones. Neither did I have drinkable water or food. And of course I had no money!

That was the state of my life, that Christmas day over a decade ago.

In the deafening silence of that morning, I lifted up my voice in teary worship to GOD as I sat on the cold bare floor. And It was during the Harmattan season.

As I worshipped GOD in my misery, I thought of my kids who had been dispersed. I wondered if they would ever understand enough to forgive me for all my mistakes that had unsettled and made them homeless.

Some of my kids were squatting with friends, while others lived with hostile relatives/step moms.

It was a bad time for us.

We were in both physical and emotional torment. And my spiritual self-esteem had nose-dived.

It was as if GOD had forgotten to be merciful.

I worshipped and lamented: I lamented and worshipped until my tears dried up. Weary from hunger and thirst, I fell asleep!! Sleep??? Imagine that!

As scripture says, God gives sleep to His beloved. Since am still His beloved, He gave me sleep.

The Divine Visitation:god-brought-you-this-far

Anyways, as the sun was setting while yet drowsy from sleep, I heard voices outside the gate. While a voice was insisting someone was living in there: the other voices were saying to her that the place was an abandoned public toilet, and it was not possible anyone could be living there.

Apparently she forced her way in. As I sat up, I looked into the eyes of a daughter in Christ, Pastor Sylvia Wilcox!!!

How did she know where I was???

This is the story she narrated story to me.

After apologizing for coming later than she should have if she had obeyed the voice of the Spirit, she told how earlier in the day, she heard in her spirit that she should prepare food very quickly to take to me, because I needed food.

According to her, she was at first puzzled and thought maybe she had not heard correctly what the Holy Spirit had whispered to her. She just could not imagine how I could be needing food. So she waved it aside.  Because the last time she visited, she saw I was doing well and in a decent home. So she ignored the voice and went about preparing food for her family.

She was about to eat when she heard ABBA say to her again: “you are about to feast whereas your mom, my daughter, has been without food these past three days; get up and take her some food“.

This time, there was no atom of doubt in her heart Who was talking to her. She screamed and left off eating at once. She then explained to her mom and siblings what had transpired.

Through DIVINE directions, she was able to locate me that day in a place she had never been before.

She came to me with more than enough food, and left me with some money to tide me over for some days.

The unquestionable faithfulness of Godfaith-mustard-seed-all-the-faith-u-need

Having read the above story, can you now understand why I can boldly say GOD has not forgotten you???

Be encouraged my dear friend. Your light affliction is a necessary evil that will produce a glorious future for you; and for so many others through you.

From that “Easylife Public Toilet” which was owned and managed by Baba Shade of Morogbo; souls were won to God’s Kingdom. I started a Bible school which offered free courses to pioneering pastors and Itinerant evangelists.

Apart from the theological training center, we opened up a counseling clinic; planted the Love Ablaze Church; gave shelter to numerous homeless and distressed single-moms with their children. We also started a residential therapy center as well for victims of abuses and drug addictions.

Words fail me today as I look back and praise GOD.

We later renamed the public toilet: “CHRIST HIGH COMMISSION” for it became our Missionary headquarters. It was a very humble beginning indeed.

But who but God can bring out the best out of a very bad situation?

At that time, the owner of the public toilet had abandoned it because the sewage system was faulty. It stank! But that was better than sleeping in the streets. One of my counselees had paid a little fee for access to the place and that was what I inherited. Her name is Ann and she was a new convert and  was not aware of my issues.

From that humble beginning, we were favored by the community leader with land where we have developed some buildings for our missionary work.

I lived in that ‘EasyLife Public Toilet” for seven years until we were able to erect a mission-house which we moved into.

The things that exist came out of things that are unseen!

God rolled away the reproaches of my life from that place. He gave me a new beginning.

We confronted occult opposition and were targeted by priests of African Traditional Religions, but we kept the light of the Gospel burning.

We built-up a formidable spiritual warfare prayer team from the abused women and homeless youths, who sought refuge with us.

And our Nightly Intercessory prayers terrorized and uprooted the established forces of evil in that community.

We transformed the environment and destroyed ancestral occult strongholds and set their captives free. Lives got transformed and destinies changed

God is not partial He will visit you also:restoration-god

This is a real life testimony of how GOD made something out of nothing.

Know you therefore that GOD does convert shame to fame and disgrace to great grace.

Be comforted my friend.

GOD will visit you as he did visit me and mine.

My kids are restored, stabilized, prospering and enjoying GOD’s supernatural favors and covenantal love.

I lost everything so that I might gain everything in HIM.

Today, am representing GOD’s love to a hurting world and adding value to people’s lives.  I am blessed to be a blessing.

Your change is come, in CHRIST name.

Reevaluate your circumstances and change your perspective. God is not finished with you yet. You may be down but you are definitely not out. You may be depressed but not deceased. When there is life, there is hope.

Refocus on God.  Hard roads lead to beautiful destinations. Change your focus to change your course.

The devil fought our fledgling ministry to the oppressed. He thought he had shut it down.

But today, through our various internet ministries, especially through ‘Spiritual Warfare And Tactics Squad-SWATS’ we are healing those who are oppressed of the devil and enforcing the victory of the Cross.

You will not be silenced, in Christ matchless name.

There is no limit to how far you can go when you go with God.

You are not the depressed: you are the blessed.  Rejoice for it is well with you.  God bless you and yours

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I am a Christian Counselor and Missionary. I represent God’s love to hurting and troubled persons.

You can connect with me; Hephzibah Christly, on Facebook or Google+ or reach me through the following addresses:


WhatsApp: +234 809 222 8509


Almighty God, thank You for all that we represent by this prayer. We lift up the sick, oppressed, lonely and rejected to You now. We ask that your mercy  prevails over their circumstances, in Christ merciful name.

For those hungry, cold and homeless, visit them with your favor, tender mercies and loving kindness. Send supernatural supplies to them.

We command the yokes of oppression to be destroyed and the burdens of guilt and repeated failures are to be lifted of their shoulders.

Restore them to greater glory, establish them in their own homes, provide economic blessings also for them and fill their lives with love, joy and peace, in Christ most Holy name.

Thank you for always hearing us and for never forsaking us, in Jesus mighty name. Amein.

Shalom! Enjoy the holidays. – Hephzibah Christly

From The PrayerPoint

Prayerfully Transitioning the New Season


Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”(Isaiah 43:19; ESV) It is God who changes the times and seasons. Seasons are part of the circles of life. We require wisdom from God and knowledge of His word to transit the various seasons.

Transitions are times of change

At the end of every quarter and year ending, it is necessary to engage in intense spiritual exercises in order to transit each season appropriately.

Such spiritual exercises should include: Fasting, Prayers and Meditation on God’s Word.

  1. Fasting is necessary so that your spiritual interactions can increase. And it involves the giving up of certain luxuries such as food, drinks, TV and unnecessary social activities. So that you can spend more time in prayer, Bible Study and meditation God’s Word. Fasting helps to increase our spiritual sensitivity.

In Isaiah 58, God gives guidelines of the fast that He approves. It follows therefore, that Fasting should be the lifestyle of Christians. We should daily be involved in doing good deeds to others as fasting off food, drinks and luxuries.

  1. Prayer is the daily business of all God’s children. It is the acceptable means of communication between our spirit and God who is Spirit.

All prayers are to God in the name of Jesus Christ. Although Christ assures that He “…will do whatever you ask in my name”. (John 14:14), some prayers go unanswered.

However, we cannot blame God for unanswered prayers. God is fully committed to bring to pass all His promises. His faithfulness cannot be disputed.

Daniel embarked on a fast in the season of transition. He prayed and persisted in prayers until he received answers. But he experienced some delays even though God had responded swiftly to his prayers. The adversary has intercepted it. (Daniel 10:13)

Hindrances to Prayers:

Satanic Interference:

  • You must realize that there is an adversary who interferes with prayers (1Peter 5:7, 8), and quit blaming God.
  • The devil seeks to frustrate our prayers by intercepting answers. Like Daniel, we should ‘Pray Until Something Happens’ (P.U.S.H)
  • In order to overcome the adversary, we must be watchful, remain steadfast in faith and in prayers.

Inability to recognize the answers to prayers:

  • It is very important to recognize the times and seasons that we are in. The Promised Messiah came but rather unfortunately, the Israelites missed out. They were expecting a military leader and not a humble Fisherman. That myopic spiritual outlook hindered them from recognizing the answer
  • to their prayers.
  • We must therefore understand the times and seasons that we are in, for it is God who changes the times and seasons.


  • Do not fixate on how it must happen.

When Christ wept over Jerusalem he said: If only you know the way that makes for your peace’. In the promise of the Messiah, God’s timetable involved a Savior to deliver humanity from satan, sin, sickness, suffering etc., through repentance. But the Israelites were expecting military intervention that would rescue them from Roman oppression. And thus they missed out on the answer to their prayer.

Fixation on our peculiar expectations hinders prayer. Instead, we should be flexible and receptive of new revelations.

  • Learn how not to focus energy on what is not profitable and then miss out on answered prayers.
  • When you consistently see ‘what makes for the peace of God’ in every situation, losses, pains, disappointments and regrets will be minimal.

I’ll Timed Expression of Anger

The story of Michal in 2nd Samuel 6:14-16, 21; illustrates the down side of I’ll timed or I’ll advised expressions of anger. Michal was the love of David’s life. She was a good woman and an excellent wife. She was an extraordinary woman. Very dignified, for she was the daughter of Saul the king. But she had no child.

But alas, she did not recognize the time of her visitation.

After King David was done worshipping God in a street dance, he went with the power of the Spirit to bless his dear wife. But instead of being receptive, she vented her anger and frustration at him. She did not recognize the time of her visitation. She allowed anger to rub her of the opportunity to be blessed. And she died childless.

We should be sensitive to the moves of God’s Spirit and never allow shortcomings in our personalities to short-circuit God’s power flow to us. Michal’s story is very sad, but most of us have lost out on many opportunities to be blessed, just like her.

From the points raised on how prayers can be hindered, we should therefore never resort to blaming God when our answers to our prayers are seemingly not forthcoming.

Instead, we should pray more like Daniel did until GOD revisits our case.

Importunity is very necessary in prayers

Importunity means to ask shamelessly. The story of the woman illustrated in Luke 11, teaches the fine points of importunity which are Ask, Seek, Knock

In concluding this section on prayer, I say to you;

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.…” Luke 11:9

  1. Meditation on God’s Word

This happens to be the last on the list of ‘spiritual exercises’ we should understand and utilize as we are transitioning into our new season of change.

Meditation is one of the spiritual exercises you should do daily in order to live a life of dominion and glory. And it is very vital to both your spiritual and physical wellbeing.

In Joshua 1:8, the Bible says:

This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have good success” (WEB)

From the verse of scripture above, “meditation” is translated from the Hebrew “hagar” which means to “imagine; mutter”, and to “roar”.

This points us to 3 Levels of Meditation which are as follows:

  1. Visualize (See)

You have to visualize God’s Word as you study it. This means that you have to ponder or think quietly on God’s Word in pictures. As these pictures are imprinted in your mind, the Word will be driven into your spirit and will stay rooted there.

  1. Mutter (Speak)

To mutter is to speak God’s Word under your breath, to yourself, repeatedly. The more you repeat scriptures, the more personal God’s Word becomes to you.

It will transcend the faculties of your soul (which are your will, intellect and emotion) and reside in the faculties of your spirit (which are- conscience, communion and intuition), making God’s Word his message to you personally.

  1. Roar (Shout)

In the book of Isaiah, the Bible states:

For thus has the LORD spoken unto me, Like the lion and the young lion roaring over his prey, when a multitude of shepherds is called forth against him, he will not be afraid of their voice, nor disturbed by the noise of them” (Isaiah 31:4)

In the above scripture verse, the word translated ‘roaring’ is the same Hebrew word “hagar”.

When we “roar” in meditation, we drown out all the other thoughts in our consciousness: Including those enticing words of human wisdom that the devil assails our minds with. Thus, ‘roaring’ in meditation superimposes God’s Word over our thoughts.

People may consider you insane when you begin to shout God’s Word to yourself like that!

That notwithstanding, continue to meditate by “roaring”! “…for then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have good success” (Joshua 1:8; WEB)

Power and Benefits of Meditation:


Meditation takes God’s Word from our intellect and engrafts it into our spirit.

Intellect/Mind is the seat of learning, the instrument of our thoughts. It is that aspect of the soul that allows for rational thinking.

In it lies the seat of acquired knowledge, human wisdom and reasoning also.

When God’s Word is in our minds, we are still able to rationalize it: but when it gets into the spirit, it becomes real and personal, an aspect of our being.

Even though the Word you have read may not have any scientific explanation, there is a knowing in the inside of you that it is reality. And nothing can take that ‘knowing’ from you.


In the Word of God, there is ‘rhema’ (which is the ‘spoken’ and ‘personalized’, Word) and ‘logos’ (which is the ‘written’ and ‘general’ Word)

Rhema is the spoken Word of God. It is the “now” Word of God for your situation and it comes often when meditating on the written Word, which is “Logos”. It won’t matter whether the ‘logos’ is about Zephaniah, Israel, or some Bible history or character. It comes alive for you. It becomes your personal word from God!

Rhema” makes the Bible come alive for you. By ‘rhema’ we insight, clarity, direction and sure promises from God’s Word on issues we are praying about. It brings God’s Word home to your reality.

Although Logos has the ability to produce results in you as well deliver an inheritance to you, but, you cannot your inheritance by it.

Whereas rhema would create the necessary changes in you so you can enjoy the inheritance. With rhema, there is no condition in your life or body that cannot be changed.

A ‘rhema’ from God’s Word changes everything for you!

And lastly, by Meditating on God’s Word, we would metamorphose into the living word of God. As we meditate consistently on God’s Word, we will begin to think, talk, and act like God. Your whole life will become a reflection of the Word: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”(John 1:1)


As we engage in the aforementioned spiritual exercises to facilitate the transition to a new season, we should also be cognizant of the following:

  • Do not Resist Change

God’s greatest challenge with humanity is resistance to change

Understand that although God is unchanging, it is Him who changes the times and seasons. The Bible says: “He takes away the first in order to establish the second” (Hebrew 10:9).

Flow with God’s moves. Be yielded. Respect the process.

God’s Word says in 1 Peter 5:10 that “…after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore you, secure you, strengthen you, and establish you.” (BSB)

Do not be allergic to change.

  • Repentance and Renewal

God is longsuffering. He puts up with certain things, waiting for repentance and renewal. He won’t pour new wine in an old wineskin.

Review your past and present in order to discover a trend. Then repent and renew your mind. You have to re-engineer yourself.

A changed mindset facilitates transition.

The lack of repentance can delay transition.

Daniel’s prayer of Identification-Repentance facilitated the expected change.

He identified the sins that provoked the exile, and repented of them, for and on behalf of his people. (Study Daniel chapter 9)

Be dissatisfied with the status quo. The glory of the latter house always exceeds the former. Desire the change. Put to use the power of a strong desire.

You cannot give up on your destiny.

Your tomorrow must be better than your yesterday

Know that God can cut short the days of affliction for you. Anything is possible when you believe.

  • Bear appropriate Fruits for each season”

The Bible says: “…delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season (Psalm 1:2, 3).

Meditating on God’s Word plays very important roles in enabling us bear the appropriate fruit each season.

Be sensitive in the Spirit to know the direction God wants you to go.

Paul the Apostle was prevented by the Holy Spirit at a particular time from preaching in a region of Asia. Am sure he felt bad about it. But that night he had a vision: “A man from Macedonia in northern Greece was standing there, pleading with him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us!” (Read about it in Acts 16) He perceived in the spirit that God was leading him to that region, and he obeyed.

Know the will of God for your new season.

If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land.

  • Sever attachments to the Past

Bible says: “The righteous keep moving forward and those with clean hands become stronger and stronger”. (Job 17:9)

Emotionally disconnect from the past- the hurts, accusations, deceits, abuses, etc. Resist the pull towards anger, bitterness and all other self-defeating internal monologues.

Be committed to the future.

Remember Lot’s wife.

She died while looking back to a bad past.

  • Be Mentored by God’s Word

People fail when they do not listen to Godly counsel from God’s anointed servants.

But be wary of Mentors who do not connect their words to an experience in their life which testifies to the ‘Word” they are sharing with you.

Run with your own inspiration.

Refuse to allow a jealous and misinformed mentor ‘make you subject against the will in expectation’.


Change is to be desired and not resisted.

Prayerfully facilitate the transition to a new season.

When revelation occurs, walk in that revelation. Have it imprinted in your heart. Affirm and proclaim it repeatedly.

The new thing God is doing in your life ‘will spring forth’ if you are not allergic to change.

Review the past in order to identify, repent and realign to God’s will.

Remember Lot’s wife.

Disconnect from the past. Stay focused of the future.

Anyone who puts his/her hands of the plow and looks back is not fir for the future.

The following chapters shall focus on Prayers and Scriptures that will facilitate the transition to our new season.

Stay prayed up.

Hephzibah Christly

From The PrayerPoint


Prayer for Insight and Understanding:   Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding” (Proverbs 2: 3; NLT).The prayer points are in sections, and easy to flow with.                    Section 1 “Cry out for insight” : Insight is “(the ability to have) a clear, deep, and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation” (Cambridge English Dictionary).      Cry out for a divine re-imaging: the grace to see and act from a Divine perspective.

  • Pray God to imprint the image of your expectations in your heart.
  • Cry out against all attempts to complicate and cause our lives to be problematic. The forces of evil that have been clouding our minds and filling our thoughts with negatives should leave now.
  • Affirm that we have the mind of Christ and are focused to doing God’s perfect will.
  • Affirm that the era of error has ended in our lives for we have been imparted with the wisdom of GOD.
  • Declare we will not enter a new season carrying negative burdens. We zone out negative influences and anything that is inconsistent with or contradicts God’s Word.
  • We receive insight into God’s plans and programs for the upcoming seasons of our lives. We affirm that we are sensitive to the moves of God’s Spirit.
  • Proclaim that by the enabling grace of the indwelling Holy Spirit, we frustrate every attempt to ensnare, confuse and destabilize us through our senses.

Section 2 “Ask for Understanding”

Understanding is Perception. It is the ability to comprehend.

The sons of Issachar had understanding of the times. They knew what they had to do. And all Israel came to them for directions. (See 1 Chronicles 12:32).

Understanding gives you the advantage over peers.

  • Ask for the grace to be receptive and flexible, and not fixate on how it must happen. Because, fixating on our peculiar expectation hinders prayer.
  • Pray for the ability to not focus energy on what is not profitable and then lose out on God’s promises.
  • Disassociate yourself from ill-advised and ill-timed expression of anger. Do not be like Michal, David’s beloved wife who did not recognize the time of her visitation. David came to bless her but she allowed her frustrations and anger rub her of the opportunity to be blessed (Read 2 Samuel 6:14-16, 20). And she died childless.
  • Like the sons of Issachar, you have understanding of the times, in Christ name.

Section 3: Utilizing Understanding

He changes times and seasons” (Daniel 2:21; ESV).

Seasons are part of life’s circle. We need insight and knowledge from God’s Word for us to transition the various seasons appropriately. Like Daniel and Christ Jesus did, it is appropriate embark on a fast during the season of transition.

  • Ask for more grace in order to utilize the understanding of our season of change.
  • Affirm that as the righteous we keep moving forward, and have severed the attachment to the past.
  • We disconnect emotionally from past failures, abusers, rejections, trauma, properties, relationships and every other thing that causes stagnation.
  • We resist the pull to the past. We declare that we are committed to the future.
  • Ask for the release of the supernatural understanding that will establish you as praise upon the earth: Scripture says that; “By wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established” (Proverbs 24:3).
  • Ask for divine inspiration so that you will not be ‘made subject’ against the will of expectation. (Read Romans 8:18-26).
  • Pray that your desire to be mentored will not subjugate you to persons against God’s plan for your life.
  • Ask for more enabling grace to make you understand the direction your life should go, and the grace with which to walk accordingly.
  • Pray to receive great ideas that would release favor into your businesses, relationships, vocation and ministries
  • Ask God to use you mightily to showcase His glory in accordance with 1 Peter 2: 9 which states that you have been chosen to proclaim the excellences of Him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.
  • Ask that the Spirit of the LORD, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and strength, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD rest fully on you (Isaiah 11:2).
  • Ask for more grace in order to flow with the intuitive insights GOD is releasing to you.

Pray in tongues and worship God some more. Be thankful for the prayer points you have received. Shalom! Shalom! Have a great new season, in Christ glorious name.

hephzibah christly