Exhortation and Warfare Prayer

blessings on youFaith is the propelling force that keeps you going when things are crowding in on you. Have Faith in the God of the Bible. He will guide you continually. But you’ve got to know Him for yourself. Because there are so many wannabe gods being falsely presented as the Almighty God. Search the scriptures. Read your Bible for it is a revelation of the mind and will of God . The Gospel is only hidden to those who are perishing.

In searching for quick solutions, some compound the problem by dabbling into occultism disguised as Christianity. Do not complicate matters by wrongly seeking help from human agents of the devil. Test all spirits. If you are uneasy about it, trust that gut feeling, do not proceed any further.

Jesus Christ is the only and lasting solution for all of humanity’s troubles. He is the only name given by God for the salvation of humans. Jesus Christ is the only Living way. All other ways are dead end streets.

Do not follow the way that seems right: it leads to physical and spiritual death.

Realize and understand that God works through a process. Respect the process. Short cuts enable virulent demons.

There is nothing that you are going through that is peculiar to you. Christians globally are involved in spiritual warfare. We are all contending with the forces of evil who are trying to frustrate our faith.

Hold still.

Have faith in God. He knows your name: He created you for His glory: You will not be shamed. God will show up strong for you.

He hears your weary heart’s cry. Don’t believe the lie of the devil or your detractors who say God has forgotten you. Absolutely impossible!

A nursing mother may forget her suckling child, but God cannot forget you because you are engraved on the palm of His hand.

Speak peace to that battle raging in your mind. Stay focused on God. Never allow the devil plague you with doubts. A double minded person short-circuits answers to prayers.

The devil is a defeated foe. But he works through the force of persuasive arguments. He bombards the mind with auto suggestions.  Perish that thought. God sees your thoughts. Do not allow evil thoughts fester. They are a corrupting influence.

Counter all negative thoughts with the Word of God. Let the Word of God richly dwell in your heart by faith. Faith is the victory. Guide your heart with all diligence for it is the wellspring of your life. Your thoughts can make or mar your life.

Your tears are all bottled up. You are precious to God. None of those tears you have shed will go to waste. As you have cried, so shall your laughter resound, in Jesus Christ merciful name.


  • I ask God to help and comfort you as a sign of HIS goodness: so that your enemies will see it and realize the futility of working against you
  • Today as God’s Oracle I speak peace from God to that raging storm in your life. Let the Finished work of the Cross manifest in your life condition and situation.
  • Be healed: that sickness is to leave you now. The diseases are to self-destruct at once: The symptoms are stopped in the name of Jesus Christ the Great Physician.
  • Be saved: Salvation comes to your household today. Every member of your household receives the goodness of God that leads to repentance. Your bloodline is forgiven and cleansed of all pollutants and corrupting influences. You will remain strong in the Lord and grow in faith and in grace. All evil spirits managing and ratifying the terms of ancestral covenants are to leave your bloodline now. All altars and strongholds are to self-destruct at once. Your faith in God will be a witness to your world in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
  • Be delivered: You and yours are hereby set free to excel, prosper, and increase, multiply and expand, and to be a voice and influencers in your generations, in the gracious name of Jesus Christ.
  • Be restored: All your misfortunes are hereby reversed to good fortune; the grace of God will abound to you. You are become a blessing to your world. Receive restoration to greater glory, in the powerful name of Jesus the Christ.

Be reconciled: Every enmity is stopped. The wall of division in your family should come down now. Let brotherly love manifest. You shall be there for each other. The prodigals are to come to themselves and to come back now. Fulfil destiny as ministers of reconciliation: in the matchless name of Jesus Christ I have prayed. Amein. – Hephzibah Christly


It is factual that what you allow is what will continue. If you have been experiencing evil trends and degenerative tendencies in your life and family, it is time to stand your ground in prayer and declare “Enough Is Enough! This reproach must roll away!”.

The devil fights against unity because he is aware that unity is strength. Thus he sows seeds of discord among relatives in order to weaken their strength. After which he rides roughshod over the families by tormenting, oppressing, intimidating, controlling and making them self-destruct.

Family is important in God’s plan for Humans. Family members should be supportive of each other and stay united in diversity.

Scripture states that:
“A kingdom divided by civil war will collapse. Similarly, a family splintered by feuding will fall apart.” (Mark 2:24, 25; NLT)

Let us go into prayer right now to spiritually repair the broken hedges in our families that made the forces of evil victimize us:

Prayer Points:

  • THANK God for your paternal and maternal families.
  • IDENTIFY the prevalent circumstances in your families such as:
  1. Health Issues such as premature deaths, cancers, genetic/inherited diseases, addictions and addictive behaviors and all other disorders:
  2. Socio-Economic Issues such as unrelenting hardship/hard lucks, abject poverty, mediocrity; homelessness, joblessness, laziness, cyclical/recurring failures and disappointments, adult delinquency, criminality, unenterprising, unskilled, uneducated and so many others:
  3. Marriage and Family Life Issues such as high divorce rates, late marriages, elderly singleness, single parenting, sexual promiscuity, dwindling procreation abilities/ infertility, dwindling family lineage, spousal infidelity, rejection syndrome, irresponsible parenting, Delinquency, rebellious children, abandoned spouses/children, and many others.
  • CONFESS the sins that produced the aforementioned conditions and circumstances. They opened up your bloodline to those evils.
  1. Admit culpability, plead the speaking Blood of Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins and cleansing from all unrighteousness.
  2. Ask that you all be purged of all superfluity of the flesh; your minds be renewed to reflect the mind to Christ; and the enabling grace to grow in relationship with Christ.
  3. Express the belief that God is no liar and that you and your family have been forgiven in accordance with 1John 1:9.
  • Affirm that in accordance with Galatians 3:13, you and your families have been redeemed from all curses because Christ was made a curse for you all.
  • Ask that the grace for importunity and perseverance in prayer should come upon you all; and the Holy Spirit should lead this prayer session, so that only the perfect will of God will be prayed.
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit Seek for fresh Fire from God to fall upon and manifest through you; so that the oil of the Holy Spirit would flow from you touching the lives of every member of your family to bring them all to the place of repentance, renewal, reconciliation and restoration

Spiritual Warfare Prayer:

  1. Affirm you have received power from Jesus Christ to tread upon serpents and scorpions, over all the powers of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
  • Declare with all conviction the following:

“As an Oracle of God and a bonafide member of …….. (Mention Mother’s family name) and ……. (Mention Father’s family names) families: I ……… (Mention your names) in the matchless name of Jesus Christ, come against satan and the forces of evil that are executing wickedness and evil decrees against my families: and hereby order them to stop right now.

I affirm as it is written “let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end”: and also that “the enemy shall not exact upon him; nor the sons of wickedness afflict him” (Psalms 7:9; 89:22). Therefore, all prevailing diseases, genetic sicknesses and disorders’, consecutive failures, depression, hardheartedness, occultism, idolatry, corruption, all resident evils presenting or hidden, inherited or pioneered by me or this new generation: whatever their ranking, position, authority or legal statuses; as well as every form of wickedness, afflictions and exactions : all are to dislodge and be uprooted from their roots and get out of our lives and out of everything that pertains or relates to us, now.

  • Seeds of discords, roots of bitterness all should wither and self-destruct now.
  • Evil spirits influencing rage, violence, abuses, backstabbing, jealousy, gossiping, mediocrity , wicked cum ungodly ambition, inferiority complex, judgmental attitude, bigotry, ego, selfishness , self-centeredness , greed, avarice, manipulation, divisiveness, perfectionism, ganging-up against each other, sectionalism, and their relatives that have plagued our bloodline for generations: are hereby evicted with their relatives now. Their abode in our lives is hereby wiped cleaned and filled with Godly characteristics.
  • Every tongue of accusation from all the realms of existence are hereby silenced by the speaking Blood of Jesus Christ and we affirm that none can bring any charge against us for we have been made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
  • Today, in the matchless name of Jesus Christ, whose I am and who I serve, and Whose name is exalted above all other names in heaven, on earth and under the earth,
  • I boldly proclaim that “Enough Is Enough”

I say NO to strife and its relatives. Weeping has endured in the night, joy come forth from today:

I say No to genetic diseases and disorders. They can no longer plague and torment our bloodlines:

No more manifestations of evil in our bloodline. Bloodline curses are countered with immediate manifestations of Bloodline blessings in Christ – we are blessed beyond any curse no matter its velocity! We enter into the blessings of Abraham. The lines are fallen to us in pleasant places. We have and leave a goodly heritage

The yokes of oppression are destroyed. The legal grounds by which the forces of evil were holding unto against us, are revoked. The bans and embargoes placed over our lives are lifted and destroyed.

The prey of the mighty is taken away: the legal captive is delivered.

Soul-ties to misfortunes and all related evils that plagued our ancestry and heredity are hereby severed. We are free!
We have been Blood bought; therefore, the law of deterioration has no basis to operate in our bloodline: for the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death.

I speak life over our souls and bodies and affirm that by HIS stripes we are healed. We are uninfectable and thus thrive in Divine health.

Sicknesses, diseases and disorders are to stop ravaging our souls and bodies now: Whether they are internal or external, they are to commence self-destruct and shut down now; we are temples of God and holy unto Him. Divine healing is release to all sick folks in our families. Let their bodies mend, let wellness be restored now.

We affirm that our bodies and soul shall not suffer corruption and are preserved blameless to the glory of God. None shall say they are sick in our family branch of Zion.

Sicknesses, diseases, disorders and all related evils are outlawed in our families. We proper and are in health along with our souls and spirits

Prophetic Blessing

  • From today my paternal and maternal families are become Holy unto God. All my descendants are hereby rededicated to the service of the Almighty and Living God.
  • I declare that I and my household will serve the Lord our God for all eternity. We are the generations that seek God with the entirety of our being. We are sold out to Him: therefore, there is a Bloodline divide between our families and the forces cum agencies of darkness.
  • We are become indestructible, impenetrable and invincible. No weapons that is formed, forged or fashioned against us shall ever prosper.
  • Favor surrounds us as a shield.
  • Doors of opportunities are opening up and we utilize them.
  • We grow in super grace and are a blessing to out worlds.
  • The Excellency of God’s Spirit in us makes us to excel in all fields of business, careers, vocation, ministries and so on.
  • Whatever we begin, we complete to God’s glory and praise.
  • We are fruitful and manifest the multiplier effect in all aspects of our life.
  • We walk in liberty and manifest our Sonship as Sons of God.
  • We are become living examples of Divine Characteristics.
  • All altars and strongholds of false worship, occultism, worldly culture and traditions are destroyed and absolutely annihilated. We affirm and decree that we love God with our spirits, souls and bodies.
  • None shall ever be involved in idolatry, occultism, eastern religious worships ever again as our family is now the plantings of God.
  • I speak blessings over my families by blood, by marriage and by adoption.
  • I decree that harmony, peace, restoration of Godly order, respect, appreciation, supportiveness, stability, godly heritage, cleansed and holy bloodline, manifestations of your godly heritage and goodly inheritances, increase, promotion, advancement, godly ambition, divine healing, divine health, excellence, attitude of gratitude, spirit of excellence, fire of attraction, multiplier effect, economic and financial prosperity, empathy, compassion, kindness, patience, restorations, divine reversals and all the blessings of God that make rich and add no sorrow, should manifest right now among us all.
  • Our marriages are healed. We marry and give out in marriage. Divorces and resultant hurts are banned. The spirit of reconciliation is at work to mend all troubled marriages and dysfunction in homes.
  • Runaway fathers who abandoned their kids are taking up responsibilities of fatherhood.
  • Flighty wives are become model wives and mothers.
  • The bonds of unity in our families are strengthened. We are now our brothers and sisters keepers.
  • The fire of revival is release upon our families. Spiritual Watchmen are placed over us who will be relentless in seeking God’s face to establish our families as praise upon this earth.
  • The dew of heaven is falling upon us all. The glory of the Lord is come upon us all.
  • There shall be no deaths of infants and no one less than 100 years old can die in our families.
  • We receive the gift of long life, divine health, supernatural favors, unlimited goodness, expounding mercies, great grace and higher anointing.

We give You praise Almighty God: You are our Father, Helper, Deliverer, Sustainer, Healer and Kinsman Redeemer.

We are grateful for the Holy Spirit’s guidance throughout this prayer session. We acknowledge that Your zeal watches over these words in order to perform it speedily in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amein. – Hephzibah Christly