Ritualistic Dream-state Murders

I got a disturbing mail from a friend recently which brought about this warfare prayer for deliverance.

She explained how she has had a recurring dream of being sacrificed on a dark altar. She explained further that sometimes both she and her husband were placed on the altar and sacrificed. While on other times, she was a helpless onlooker while her husband was being sacrificed.

Dreams are visions of the night.

The Bible says: “HE speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds. (Job 33:15: NLT)”

Dreams can either come from God’s Kingdom of Light or from Satan’s dark kingdom

From wherever it comes, a dream is an activity that the human spirit or soul saw happen in the supernatural world. It is similar to watching the video clip of a drama.

Before things happen in the physical, they are first conceived in the spirit. It is therefore very important that when negatives are viewed in the supernatural, they must be quickly confronted in the physical through spiritual warfare prayers.

But if what was viewed in the spirit realm is not addressed in the physical realm: There is a hundred percent chance that it would occur as seen with some slight variations.

You can understand why I was uneasy that she kept it to herself for so long before sharing her dream.

Although people suffer or perish through ignorance, God in His infinite mercy provisioned that:

Through knowledge shall the just be delivered” (Proverbs 11:9b).

Be encouraged my friend. Jesus Christ is also Lord over the dream world!

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Below is the PRAYER I shared with her to confront that Ritual Murder:

  • ABBA FATHER, we give you all the glory for exposing to us the plans of the forces of evil.
  • In unity of faith we bring to nought the plans and devices of the enemy: we hold fast to Your Word and affirm that no weapon of the enemy that is formed, forged or fashioned against us shall prosper.
  • I stand also as an Oracle of God and declare that the speaking blood of Jesus Christ counters every satanic ritual in which ….or … spouse were offered as a sacrificial offering in the dream state.
  • We affirm that the only acceptable sacrifice is the perfect and permanent sacrifice of Jesus Christ: and which effectively annuls and renders ineffective all other sacrifices.
  • Therefore, that altar, shrine, synagogue or temple of evil should catch fire now; as well as all effigies and tokens of worship.
  • All the hierarchy in the forces of evil, including demons and human agents of the devil; that were involved in executing that curse of death and its related sentence against you and yours; are hereby placed under divine subjection and captivity. Their tongue is confused and divided.
  • All the works they have set in motion should stop now and be absolutely annihilated.
  • I stand with you in faith and affirm that the law of the spirit of life in CHRIST JESUS has made you free from the law of sin and death.
  • All the voices of accusation speaking against you in all realms of existence are silenced now by the speaking blood of Jesus Christ which declares your righteousness in Him.
  • I release to you now, the anointing of God’s Spirit that brings life, healings, deliverance, peace and strength to be at work in your life now.

You shall live and not die.

Be well. Be delivered. Be restored in the matchless saving name Jesus Christ.

Hephzibah Christly