Break The Circle of Adversities  

Break The Circle of Adversities  

victory faith bringsIt just dawned on me that this season last year was characterized by negatives. I was assailed on all fronts. Bad things happened to my family, friends and me.

It was a well orchestrated attack from the pit of hell.

It was likr Job’s situation. Anywhere I turned, it was bad news. I felt so alone, oppressed, dejected and caged-in.  It was a horrible experience.

It stopped when I turned the searchlight inwards. I cried out to God for help and asked for spiritual reinforcements.

I examined myself whether I was still in  the faith. I explored all avenues in order to locate the security breach. What had opened the door to allow so much demonic activity against me? What had made me so vulnerable?

Twas then I discovered anger, resentment and unforgiveness.

Even though my anger was justified, I was nursing it and it gave room for resentment and its relatives to come into my realm of existence.

The battle turned in my favor when  I forgave all unconditionally.

I chose to let go the right to be angry. I humbled myself,  made peace with everyone and set boundaries that kept away toxic people from polluting my mind.

After which I  launched out in spiritual warfare against the forces of evil influencing the persecution and resultant adversity. As soon as tackled it spiritually, peace,  progress and prosperity  came into play.

Then about the same season this year, a similar situation began to happen. But the root cause was not anger this time.

Bad news kept coming from everywhere.

Then it dawned on me that the old Serpent was up to his old tricks again. He was looking both for attention and for whom to devour.

The attack this year was indirectly against me. He went after my adult children. And thus got to me.

After touching home-base with ABBA in prayer, I quickly kicked the devil and his demons out! And went into intercession for my family.

What happened? It almost caught me off guard! This attack came when I least expected it.

I was in repose.

Soldiers are always at alert even while on vacation. This song came to mind :

Christian seek not yet repose,

Hear thy guardian angel say,

Thou art in the midst of foes, 

Watch and pray.” 

The devil is going about seeking for who to devour. We are to resist him by being steadfast in faith.

We are in a war dear friends. We are to be constantly at alert. The devil is a malignant foe. Even while resting, we are to be watchful.

But for the grace of God, the devil would have dealt me a fatal blow. But glory be to the Holy Spirit who made me groan with words that could not be uttermed

I travailed in prayers and prevailed.

What about you.?
What are those troubles that are recycling against you? Break the circle today.

You’ve got to identify the trend and confront them in order to overcome them.

One thing I can tell you is that my next year will definitely be better than this year. I’m moving forward victoriously. I have given myself over to fasting, prayers and searching of the scriptures in order to line up my life to Biblical truths.

And I am praying more for my family than before. I pray for their spiritual growth. They have to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ.

It is not enough that they are born again. They have to be growing and active in the faith.

A growing Christian is a moving target and moving targets are not easy to get down.

The lessons in these recurring afflictions have been learned. Even though the process of learning was painful but it was productive.

We are sealed by the Holy Spirit, therefore no room for similar occurrences next seasons. Glory be to God.

Be wise my friends.
Be aware of what is going on in your life. Confront adverse situations and circumstances. Make them line up with God’s Word.

It is God’s wish that your spirit, soul and body, prospers and be in health.

Remember also that HE causes all things to work together for the good of them that love Him and who are the called according to His purpose.

If you are born again, then that means you.

But if you are not born again simply Acknowledge that you need Jesus Christ to come into your life and save you.

 Believe  in your heart that He died in your  place and rose again from the dead

Confess with your mouth what you believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and you shall be saved.

 Let us Pray 

Thank You ABBA for the entrance of your Word that has brought light and understanding to our souls

We receive your salvation, healing, deliverance and prosperity in Jesus mighty name.

We also receive your intervention in our present situations  and circumstances: and affirm that you have caused all things to work together for our good, in Jesus Christ matchless name.

We declare that affliction will not come again. We grow in grace and we also rightly apply Biblical Truths to our Realities.  Amein.
Hephzibah Christly

Be Graced and Favored 

Esther obtained favor in the sight of all who saw her,” and the king “loved Esther more than all the other women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins; so he set the royal crown upon her head and made her queen” (Esther 2:17). 

Be graced and favored by all You come in contact with. 

* No longer shall people be hating you, you are the Beloved of the LORD;
GOD’s love will from hence attract love, appreciation and add people of worth to you;

* All your efforts will be crowned with success;
* No longer shall you labor in vain;
* An end has come to your era of disgrace, shame, fear and disfavor. 
Rejoice the shift has already started for you, in CHRIST glorious name. 

Hephzibah Christly. 

Prayer of Protection

From the ends of the earth, I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the towering rock of safety“- Psalm 61:2: NLT
Our Father and God, we are thankful for the gift life. We know that you always protect and preserve our lives.

We cry out against the threatening situations around us.

In the Omnipotent name Jesus Christ, We stand against the forces of darkness that are assigned and dispatched against us .

We order all wickedness, projections, manipulations and all other related evils to stop now, in CHRIST matchless name.

We affirm that as the enemy came against us, like a flood the spirit of God has lifted a standard against them.

We release the peace of God that surpasses understanding.

Knowing that your joy is our strength, we release joy like a river to flood our atmosphere now.

We affirm that we can never be perplexed or disoriented. We increase in faith, power and soundness of mind now.

We affirm that our light shines and darkness cannot comprehend it.

We declare that because we are born of God we are victorious over the devil and his forces of evil.

Warring angels are released to assist us in life, in spiritual warfare and to build up the hedge of protection round us.

Thank You God for setting Watchmen over us who continually prayer -watch over us.

I affirm that we dwell under the shadow of YOUR wings and are thus invulnerable, indestructible, unconquerable, unbeatable, indomitable and unassailable to Satan and his army.

For this cause Christ manifested to destroy the works of the devil. Therefore the works, projects, devices, strategies and manipulations of the devil are all destroyed.

The speaking blood of CHRIST silences all the tongues of accusations against; us for in CHRIST, we have been made the righteousness of GOD, Therefore no one can lay any charge against us.

Our change is come. GOD perfects everything that concerns us. As we pass through this fire of affliction, we are cleansed and shall not smell smoke.

We shall not drown in these troubled waters for our life guard walks on water.

We shall not suffer further loses, for no life shall be lost..

I speak restoration to greater glory over us in CHRIST powerful name. Amein – Hephzibah Christly

War Against Wicked projections 

Bible tells us not to fret because of evil doers. However, there are those who have become unrelenting foes. They are so jealous of God’s favor that you are enjoying that they would go to any length to try and bring you down.

Be encouraged and stay on course. Hold fast your faith in God. He will not allow your enemies to triumph over you. Hence scripture says,

“He who digs a pit will fall into it, And he who rolls a stone, it will come back on him.” (Proverbs 26:27).

As they gather against you, they surrender to you.

Every evil sacrifice they make against you will boomerang so they will know and understand the The God who watches over you neither slumbers or sleeps.

You should not do evil 😈 against them. Call upon the name of the LORD Jesus Christ and war against the forces of evil using them against you.

Let us pray

Abba Father, we are grateful that you are our refuge and strength.

We function in your power and wisdom as we come against the strategies of the devil against our lives, our children, grandchildren , and all others that t we represent by this prayer.

We command all satanic strategies to self-destruct right now.

All the forces of evil that have been contracted to work against us and who are networking against our families, careers, relationships and economy are hereby rendered impotent. They are all disabled.

We affirm the Master has set us free and we function in that liberty in our world.

We affirm that we have been delivered from all the snares that we fell into: we affirm Christ has destroyed all the works of the devil.

By GOD’s enabling grace, we are strengthened in our inner man and therefore shall never despair for our lives.

Let all the heaviness in the atmosphere dissipate. No evil is permitted to befall us.

Our lives are hid in CHRIST and we shall continue to prosper in all our ways while our detractors suffer shame in their defeat, in CHRIST name.

Thank you ABBA for perfecting all that concerns us. Amein.

Hephzibah Christly

Eat in the Dream No More 

In my early years as a Spiritual Warfare Strategist I had lots of people come to me with a condition known as ‘eating in the dream‘.

People who suffered from that condition always experienced setbacks, delays, disappointments and various adverse situations as after they ate in the dream. It was traumatic for them because of the belief that demons were using food as a means of frustrating their Divine destiny. It was a real torment for them. In fact many dreaded bedtime and thus suffered from other health issues as a result of anxiety and sleeplessness.

We prayed, fasted, bound and cast out demons to no avail. I just always met a blank wall in helping them. Nothing seemed to work, until one day, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to this scripture:
For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude; for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer” ( 1 Timothy 4:5-5).

That did it! I caught the revelation! Food in the dream is good. It is from GOD! The prayer of thanksgiving sets it apart, it makes it holy!

Prior to that, on waking up after eating in the dream, some of them would engage in spiritual warfare declaring:
I reject it, it is not my portion“.
So, I had to re-train them to no longer ‘reject it’ but instead to see it as GOD revealing to them the tables HE prepared for them in the presence of their enemies and to therefore accept it with thanksgiving and pray it forward into their realities.

Instead of focusing on the devil and his demons and engaging in fear-centered spiritual warfare, they started praying from a position of faith and victory.
Their focus changed from satan and his demons to GOD from whom all good and perfect gifts comes. And they thanked HIM for the wonderful gifts prepared for them in the spirit realm. They also prayed that HE fills their mouths with good things in the real world as well.
You guessed it! That effectively dealt with the condition. Eating in the dream stopped for all who followed the revelation.

Dear friend, a gratitude mental attitude effectively outwits the devil and his demons. It places you at an advantage over them. a

It superimposes GOD’s blessings over satan’s evil projections against you.

Thanksgiving is an act of faith in GOD and GOD will always show HIMSELF strong on your behalf.

Therefore, if you are facing an unrelenting challenge, engage in praise warfare. Ignore the devil and focus on GOD. HE will enlighten the eyes of your understanding and you will overcome and move on to another level of faith. Shalom! Shalom!-

Written by Hephzibah Christly

Affirmation of Faith 

I affirm that I am spirit filled and spirit led and therefore no longer subject to the devious manipulation of others.

I affirm that all high things that had been exalted above the knowledge of GOD in my life are all cast down. My life is surrendered to GOD and I love HIM with my spirit, soul and body.
I proclaim that I am the righteousness of God for In Christ I live, move and have my being.
I declare that I am not subject to fear of any kind for I have received from GOD the spirit of love, power and soundness of mind. I am the accepted in the beloved , healed and made whole.
I live by the Truth of GOD’s word and there is no one who can lay anything to my charge for I am GOD’s elect. Every voice of accusation is silenced by the speaking blood of CHRIST. I have been justified by my faith in CHRIST JESUS.
I affirm that I meditate on things pure, honest and of good report and am no longer under the torment of evil memory recall.
I affirm that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, GOD’s perfect poem, a Divine Masterpiece.
I affirm that I am secure in GOD’s love, I have the excellency of GOD’s Spirit and HE is working in me both to will and to do of His good pleasure. In Christ powerful name I declare.
Hephzibah Christly

The Process of my Deliverance 

fb_img_1503667288217517429303.jpgResist, Persist, and Proclaim your victory.

Dear friend let me share with you how GOD enabled me to deal with unrelenting issues and demons on assignment. My ancestry was plagued with various issues ranging from islamism, occultism, idolatry and religiosity which resulted in curses as well as personality, psychosomatic and genetic disorders.  Including so many other issues which tormented me, until I realized my  rights as a BELIEVER- the ‘born again child of GOD’!

I began to ‘work-out’ my salvation!

If Christ has ‘delivered’ me from the power of darkness why then should I be ‘demoned’ as in being tormented, oppressed, manipulated, controlled/influenced by forces beyond my control?

Why was it that after I became empowered to become a child of GOD, my biological genetic issues continued to manifest?

These and many other questions I wrestled with and found the answers in the Bible!

I discovered that humans operate in 3 realms of existence – spiritual, soulical and physical.

When you get born again, the spirit is reborn and fellowship with GOD is initiated.

When the spirit man controls the soul and body, one would enjoy peace and harmony.

But the issue is that the ‘reborn spirit’ is a baby that needs to be fed and nourished by Bible Doctrines before it can rule over the soul and body!!!

Though I was reborn from above, I was a soulish and carnal Christian. My spirit was underdeveloped and  undernourished.

But my soul was being fed pollutants through my body. I was not of the world but was dominated by the world’s ideologies and beliefs.
The things I wanted to do, I could not and I did things I did not want to do, because my spirit was weak and suffering from malnutrition!

The food of the spirit is the Word of God – Bible Doctrines!

My spirit lacked Bible Doctrines and my soul and body was feeding well off worldly principles which informed my thoughts and behavioral patterns.  And thus allowed  demons re-entry into my world! I was in the scenario Christ described in Matthew 12;43-45  which states :
43″Now when the unclean spirit goes out of a man, it passes through waterless places seeking rest, and does not find it. 44″Then it says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came’; and when it comes, it finds it unoccupied, swept, and put in order. 45″Then it goes and takes along with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there; and the last state of that man becomes worse than the first. That is the way it will also be with this evil generation.”

So you see my friend, the demons left when i got ‘reborn’ but my evil life style gave them access  into my world.  Then they reinforced their perimeter by inviting more malevolent demons to join them to accomplish mission -‘Kill, steal and destroy’.

My situation got worse after I got born again and worst when I got into Christian ministry. Because my lifestyle was attracting demon activity.

Am being real here.
You need to  know  that unless you change your lifestyle to reflect your Christianity, things would get worse  before it can ever get better.

Don’t give up!
Work out your salvation/deliverance. The demon hordes may get more virulent. You must get more determined to live above them in Christ Jesus.

It’s a mind game

Satan is already a defeated foe.

But you have to do some soul-searching to isolate whatever is attracting demon-activity and the resultant negatives you are experiencing in your circumstances.

Ironically, When I had my issues, I blamed everybody blame-able for my challenges! I never saw me as being the issue!

My body and soul were in a power tussle. The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life dominated my sensibilities! My eyes were feeding my soul all manner of evils: because I watched wrong television programs and read wrong books.

In my quest for knowledge,  I read all manner of books- from romantic novels, crime, Lopsa Rampa / eastern religious books.

Worst still, I dabbled into the occult. I had kabbala books of magic as well as other occult materials. I got into spiritism and spiritualism and other negative spiritual activity. I was into the occult big-time in the pursuit knowledge. I also wanted  answers to the questions tormenting my soul.

My ears too actively participated on opening my soul to torment through the kind of music I listened. The wrong kind of music  fed my soul more evils to work work with.

I was addicted to reggae, afro-juju, afro-rock, and  hard Rock etc.

My ears  received and fed my soul and my mind processed it all and out of the fullness of my heart my mouth spake -NEGATIVES- curses, swear words etc.

In my counseling ministry, the hardest people to work with are the ‘know it all’s’
They know the Bible cover to cover but to no profit.. They get very argumentative and I let them be because they still have options. When they exhaust all options, they would be well positioned to ‘work out their salvation’.

I was once like that, I could recite the psalms by rote because of my ‘religious’ upbringing.

I had head knowledge of the the Bible. But my spirit did not benefit from such head knowledge. And thus it was malnourished.

But my soul and body were well-fed: My malnourished spirit was no match for my well fed soul and body. Because my spirit was in a weakened state, it had no control over my soul and body. And the war raged for dominance.

That situation made me very prone to demon attacks  And the demons had a field day. They took advantage of my carnality and plagued me with all manner of evils: Until by God’s grace, I came to myself. I cried out to Christ the Ultimate deliverer.

Then Realization hit me.

I got dissatisfied with the status quo!

I desired a change. The torment, the recycling of problems and downward trends  had to end!

I needed to make progress.
Then again I called out to GOD for mercy.
One of my favorite prayer then was ‘GOD please help me, am tired’.

Things did not just change by fiat!
But the process of Deliverance or change began with my full participation and cooperation.

First I had to accept responsibility.
Even though it is true that my heredity was not the best, and my environment exposed me to those who took advantage and did bad things to me: the greater Truth is  I got born again!

In Christ Jesus, GOD gave me a new beginning!!A new heritage!!! A New Identity! The past was gone!
You  may have been born into a ‘poor, black, nation, family’ or whatever!
That was in the past!!

As long as you are in Christ Jesus,  DAD owns the world! You are HIS heir with Christ the Savior of the​ world!!! You are Spirit filled, blood washed, redeemed, justified, declared righteous, an extraordinary supernatural being, the poem of GOD!
You are somebody special!

I take back my space from the devil!!!! Get off my case satan!

I came to realize that no one but myself was to blame for my condition. Instead of resisting the devil, I gave him my space and he came in with my permission through my lifestyle and character and settled in!!!!

Timeout devils!!!!! You no longer have space in my realm of existence!!!!!!

Like the prodigal, I considered my options and decided to ‘recommit’ my life to God’.

As scripture states in Isaiah 30:15 :
“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength”,

Therefore,  I returned to GOD in repentance, and my strength got renewed.

Repentance is work!

Repentance involves action/activity!
It involves all the faculties of the soul and body!

With God’s enabling grace, all the books had to go and the reading habit changed. I made a bonfire of them. by

I began a tour of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation for the first time in my life!
Try it! You’ll be amazed at how ‘alive’ the Bible is.

I also started buying books by Christian writers- I love reading!

My music changed! All those mind polluting and demon attracting meaningless songs were replaced with Gospel, soul stirring, spirit lifting, inspiring with thought provoking and faith building lyrics.
I love music- we are a family of singers and musicians.

Television and the Big screen were affected also. It required discipline, determination and selfless commitment. It was not easy, but it was and is doable.

I had to take my ‘walk’ with GOD to another level and that involved attending regular fellowship with other Believers, which meant I had to ‘commit’ to a ‘church family’, as well as Join a service department in church.

I submitted to the ‘spiritual authority’ of the pastor and of course had to go through the ‘New Believers’ class/foundation school, got re-baptized(I chose to), went through school of discipleship etc.

Whatever was needful to take me out of the quagmire I got myself into, I was willing to do so!
Even though I got born again and Spirit-filled, my spirit man was underdeveloped.

My first major crisis after my rebirth was the death of my mother in 1972 when I was a teenager. It was a very traumatic experience for me. My grief and search for vengeance disabled my faith in GOD.

I did love GOD and grew up knowing I was a chosen vessel, but that did not stop my wrong choices.

I blamed my mother’s death on my paternal family and swore to avenge her death. I lost control and the demons regained control!
I cut off everyone, and left off my Christian community because they preached forgiveness. They counseled me to leave vengeance to God! I was too bitter to heed their counsel.

The devil took advantage of my unforgiveness, bitterness and grief and I reverted to ‘unsaved’ mode.

Those dark years lasted for as long as I allowed it.

As I stated earlier, my deliverance involved a complete turn around in all the faculties of my soul – my will/volition; my mind/intellect; my emotion/feeling had to change.

How I used my physical senses of  sight, mouth, hearing, feeling and smell  had to change also, so as to reflect my NEW nature in Christ .

When the positive spiritual controls the  soul, the soul would control the body, and  character transformation would become evident!

As I started receiving Bible doctrines into my Soul, my thought pattern began to change.
My  mindset/mental attitude changed. My priorities changed as well.

Forgiveness and peace flooded my soul.
My life’s focus became God, and the doing of HIS will. Which was easy because as Bible states:
” it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure” Philippians 2:13.

I had issues with ill-health – asthma, terrible allergy issues, weight loss, volatile temper, ulcers, etc.

I had to unlearn lots of self-defeating attitudes and character traits.

It was a deliverance process which I was determined to follow through!

I remember I submitted to deliverance ministrations once but it was too abusive – the hitting, pushing, turning and shouting I could not accept. I could not relate it with the GOD I had come to know.
Deep in me, I knew deliverance had to be better than all that pushing, shouting and shoving.

Now I know for sure. That deliverance from demons etc is by the Word of God.

As I pondered why some of my issues continued – especially the dream-state sex abuse by evil spirits, with its consequent marital issues, this scripture came alive in my spirit:
‘ whatsoever is born of God is victorious over the world, this is the victory that has overcome the world, even my faith”! 1John 5:4

That verse have had tremendous impact in my life and ministry. It became my ‘mantra’ and I confessed it like this:
“I Hephzibah I’m born of GOD. My dreams, goals and aspirations etc are born of GOD. Therefore, am victorious over- failures, sex in the dream, demonic oppressions, satan’s targeting, witchcraft manipulations, occult projections, family curses, ancestral yokes and burdens, single parenting, failed marriages, wickedness in high places, anger, bitterness etc.”

I confessed the Word over all my challenges, afflictions and character deficits!

Every day, I persevered in prayers as if my life depended on it. Every manifested evil in my family came under the hammer of the Word! I crushed them to pieces!!!! It was warfare.

From midnight to 6 am  daily, I would be in prayers, my prayer ministry was birthed in those days. I prayed all manner of prayers. And the power of GOD came mightily upon me.
Demons ran out of my orbit.
The fire-power was too much for them.

If you are not praying the WORD then you are without spiritual weapons.

Such much power is released at the place of prayer.
As the warfare raged, I would pray for all my children and siblings: mentioning them by name and claiming them for Christ. As I battled in prayer over all my families known challenges, their circumstances changed as well.

Brethren, the Word works and GOD answers prayers.

Deliverance without the Word, prayers and Godly living is an exercise in futility.

Today, we are a living testimony that through Prayer, faith in GOD, receiving and applying of Bible doctrines and with the Help of the Holy Spirit: those unrelenting spirit, soul and body ‘issues’ will be CURED!


ABBA Father, I bring before your Throne of mercy all those who are experiencing a string of bad outcomes as well as those who are being sexually violated by demons.

In the matchless name of Jesus Christ  I declare them loosed from the holds of those evil spirits and oppression.

I bind the forces of evil to never go near them again.

Thank You Father for the liberty we have in Christ Jesus who went a out doing good.

We pull down strongholds and demolish all arguments that is hindering people from advancing in their relationship with God.

Glory be to You Holy God for separating us to You as Holy and untouchables to the forces of evil.

Continue to work in us both to will and to do of your good pleasure, in Christ JESUS matchless name. Amein.

Hephzibah Christly

Process Your Deliverance 

Your deliverance is not in the hands of Deliverance ministers. It is in the Word of God.

God sent His Word to heal save, deliver and prosper us. Confront your issues.
I was privileged to serve in a deliverance ministry that specialized in beating demons out of people.
The deliverance ministers were very violent and demon conscious. Every person who had problems were demonized. And were treated as such.
During deliverance sessions, people were turned around until they become dizzy and fall down. During the turning around process, names of demons would be called out and told to leave.
Some People got delivered. But it was a very scary process.
Many people are still going through horrible experiences in a bid to be delivered.

The Good News is that God sent His Word to save, heal, deliver and prosper us.
Deliverance is a done deal. And like salvation, it is received by faith in Christ Jesus.
The Born again child of God is, ‘delivered from the domain of darkness and transported into God’s Kingdom of light, the day you received Christ into your life.

Deliverance is both an accomplished fact and an ongoing process as pointed out by Apostle Paul in the scripture which states:
”… who delivered us from so great a peril of death, and will deliver us, He on whom we have set our hope. And He will yet deliver us,” 2 Corinthians 1:10.

In the past Christ manifested and accomplished our salvation, healings and Deliverance. Done deal!

But all of the above must be appropriated to be effective. You have to receive it by faith. You have to work out your deliverance by applying scriptures to your reality.

Deliverance or Spiritual therapy, is a process whereby we appropriate the victory of the cross in our daily living by confronting our reality with the truth of GOD’s Word that we have received.

The process of Deliverance is like going into therapy, that is, Bible Based and Christ Centered Therapy.

Casting out demons is the least important procedure in deliverance.

The major procedure in deliverance is the feeding of your soul with the Word of God and living a Godly lifestyle. You won’t need to cast the demons out, they will run out. Two cannot walk together unless they are in agreement.

The reason the demons feel at home in and around you is because you are demon friendly. Your lifestyle has created a conducive habitat for them.

Once your mental attitude/mindset changes to reflect your born again status, demons can’t stay.
Stop believing old wives tales. Search the scriptures.

Deliverance is a process because revelation is progressive, and the understanding of spiritual truths is not by fiat.
The more you study, ingest and metabolize Bible Doctrine, the more your spirit, soul and body will be saturated with Divine power, and the more the light shines in you and the darkness in your soul disappears!

The Truth of GOD’s Word that you know and apply is the Truth that will set you free.

The Truth is that Christ died for our salvation, those who Believe and receive the word are saved!
Salvation like deliverance and healing is a done deal but many are still in bondage today because they have not caught the revelation in that area of their life.
Your deliverance is in the Word of God you know and apply.

In the particular area that you apply the Truth of the WORD, it is that day that you get delivered from that particular issue!

From today BEHAVE what you believe.

What area of your life still need the Truth of GOD’s Word.
Search the scriptures and do away with fables and let the glorious light of the GOSPEL shine into your heart.
Shalom! Hephzibah Christly