Trials Precede Testimonies

In this present life, where troubles assail us in quick succession, GOD is our ever present helper. We are thankful for the Brethren and prayer Warriors who stand with us at such times.

Christianity is a ‘together-faith’. We need each other.

But it feels sad though when your support network become the persecution and the judge.

Dear friends, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, that those who are to give you emotional support become your persecutors and judge: you have to stay your focus on Christ. Or else you will become bitter, vindictive and an all time -loser.

Refuse to be distracted or to become bitter. Do not play their game. You are a Christian. Remember that Christianity is a relationship with GOD through a faith-walk with CHRIST.

The Christian life is not a hundred meter dash but a marathon that must be run with patience.

And in the patience-run, the Christian will go through rough terrains- endure hardships, suffer betrayals by family and friends: become afflicted with economic and health challenges, and even face life threatening situations etc.

All of these, as Bible state in 1 Peter 1:7; are to test our faith, to show that it is strong and pure.

Trials precede testimonies.

We have this assurance from GOD that when we are going through these deep waters, we wont drown in them. HE says in His Word that He will go through it with us.

Trusted friends and family may betray you, put you down, reject you or become the opposition. However, God is the friend who sticks closer than a brother. He never leaves nor forsakes. He follows through on His promises.

When you cry out to Him from the depths of your trials, He will uphold you with HIS righteousness.

Never feel shame to call up for spiritual reinforcement from the Holy Spirit and various prayer partners.

God in His infinite mercy has set watchmen over you. The Holy Spirit is your number one prayer partner. Cry out to Him.

In the midst of the raging storm cum psychological Warfare, speak peace to your soul. That will help you to have a clear understanding of the situation.

One of my major prayer point in the midst of psychological Warfare is ‘ABBA (God) help me’. He always does.

I stand with you in prayer today. I release to your soul now, the peace of God that transcends human understanding. Receive clarity of mind. Receive also the enabling grace to function above persecution, the judgmental attitude of peers, the strife of tongues, and the feeling of rejection. I release you to cross over to the other side of fulfilment, self esteem, enduring faith and supernatural accomplishments. Receive strength for the new beginning and wisdom from God to function well in your new reality. I decree you are victorious. You are the healed. Your reproach is rolled away. You are coming out better and stronger from this challenge. You are repositioned for success, in Christ precious name.

Cheer up dear Brethren in Christ. Your challenge is nothing uncommon. Your Brethren all over the world are facing various degrees of challenges. Stay strong. Hold fast your confession of faith. The WORD works!

No bad condition is permanent. Shalom.

From Hephzibah Christly