Perfecting all that concerns me, day 31

Session 1:Text :Psalm 100:4, #prayerFocus- Appreciate to appreciate

Appreciate means-a. To be grateful(thankful), b. To recognize the full worth of something (value something) c. To rise in value.

When you are grateful (appreciate), you will rise in value.

However, when you disparage/deprecate someone/something, you will depreciate.

An example is Mariam, the elder sister of Moses. Miriam and Aaron began to talk against Moses and incurred the wrath of God. And she was afflicted – See Numbers 12.

As you enter the new year let your heart be pure towards all. Tonight is not a time to complain about what never happened for you. Be grateful for the things that did happen.

Murmurers never inherit the promises of God. The generation that perished in the wilderness were those who never appreciated God’s goodness, deliverance and manifold blessings.

They murmured against God and Moses and they depreciated and died out.

I leave you now so you can spend some quiet time being thankful for this year ending today.

God bless you

From #theWatchman Hephzibah Christly

Perfecting all that Concerns me, day 30

Session 1, Text James 4:3: #prayerFocus – Pray Right

James says, You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions” -James 4:3

While meditating on how far we have come in this prayer season, God’s Word came to me about the reason people seem to be praying so much and get little results.

He said so many of His children fall for the tricks of the devil. They focus their prayers on irrelevant things.

When you consentrate on non issues, real issues will be left undone. The devil is a Strategist. So he influences you to follow the bend of your passions.

All day, i was pondering on that discussion and had no idea where the Holy Spirit was taking me. I could not publish because I was still brooding over the topic.

I needed a breath of fresh air to clear my mind: so I made a house visit to a new friend. Right in that home, I got the missing puzzle.

A man of God was preach-praying on TV, and said something like this to the people of God “before this year ends, God will send you a helper” . And the very large congregation screamed aaaamen!!!

And I was like ‘”what was that”? A helper? What helper? The people of God already have a live-in-Helper – the Holy Spirit.

Then it dawned on me that those kind of prayers was what ABBA was referring to earlier in the day.

Several of us Christians focus so much on what others can give them, instead of affirming their inheritances in Christ.

And some of our pastors are indeed training God’s people to be beggarly and dependent on their prayers. They have made themselves idols.

It’s sickening to hear ‘My pastor said’ from adult believers. What ever happened to it is written?

Does our help come from the hills, humans or from God?.

Who is your Source and Resource?

Who is your helper? Who promised to be with always, even to the end of the age?

As we enter into the new season, you need to clearly define these things in your mind.

You need to formulate principles that will undergird your life in the new season.

Some of the principles that keeps from idolazing things or people are as follows :

1. Love everyone even the undeserving, as God loves me. Some times, when some really tiresome people rub me up the wrong way, i say to myself, God is love. As He is so am I in this world. And I get past the anger, bitterness and all those nasty emotions.

2. Faith in God alone. A long time ago when I was rejected and abandoned, my faith in God grew. My perspective about destiny helpers changed phas. It came to me that only God is the Everpresent Help.

Most times, we limit God and frustrate grace, when we look up to that rich brother, uncle etc, to help us in the time of need.

However, when we acknowledge God as our Helper, He can use humans or animals to get the work done.

Back then, I said to myself, ‘if God could send ravens with food to Elijah in the forest without a zip code, surely He knows my address. I have a home address and zip code, His messenger will definitely locate me.

The beautiful thing is that, no one person can say they helped in my time of need. God used several people who gave just a tiny fraction. And they knew their support was just not enough, so they can’t even boast about it.

By that, God enhanced my spiritual integrity and my faith in Him grew. I became more appreciative of the seeds that God allowed them to sow into my life.

My responsibility was not to belly ache on why a millionaire would give me just a bottle of water when he can well give me a well!

My responsibility was to see the person as God’s messenger and for me as God’s minister to speak blessings over the person.

It is God who gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater. Both the sower and eater are relevant in God’s plan.

When I read that it’s more blessed to give than to receive, I too upped my giving. The more, I received the more I gave.

Instead of teaching God’s people principles of prosperity, some focus on tithes, because of the benefits to themselves.

What about giving to those of the household of faith first, the widows, orphans etc. Instead, the focus is on tithes to the pastor. There are three types of tithes in the Bible.

Some ministries have tithe cards. When you need help etc, they check whether you are a Tithe – really???

By that they place restrictions on their members – they would rather tithe, that help a needy brother or sister in Church.

And then the pastor now comes and say ‘before this year ends, God will send you a helper’, and the congregants chorus aaamen with screams!

Why won’t they?? They are willing slaves of their master pastor because they do not search the scriptures.

Then they keep busy asking for what is already theirs in Christ.

Before Christ left He said to the disciples Let not your hearts be troubled.Believe in God; believe also in meI will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you...But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you”-Jn.14:1,28,26, ESV.

The Holy Spirit is the Helper of all Believers. That is the best ever.

Our first introduction to the Holy Spirit is in Genesis 1. The world was in confusion and disarray when the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and re-creation happened.

That same Being is living in you and you are asking for a helper?

And in Romans we are told: “And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you“-Romans 8:11,NIV.

Did you get that,? The resurrection power is in you. That same power that raised Jesus Christ and the grave could not hold Him captive, is in you! And you are lamenting everyday in church ‘God send me helper?

What are you asking exactly? Let me explain.

If you are having trouble with maybe paying your rents debts etc and really in dire straits. You have exhausted all options and narrowed it down to uncle John as the one who should help you. Your prayer goes something like – God, touch the heart of uncle John to help me with my rent/financial troubles. You have prayed amiss!

You have acknowledged God, but denied His power.

God is awesome. HE sees the end from the very beginning. The silver, gold and cattle on a thousand hills belong to Him.

By Your prayers, you have placed God in a straight jacket. You have limited Him.

Oh dear, this is already too lengthy! I beg to pause here.

In conclusion, as we are entering the new year.i pray your prayer life is perfected so that you can pray the will of God and not the wrong teachings if your denominational pastors.

God’s Word says, Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt-Lk. 10:19

The power to overcome is not exclusive to pastors or church leaders alone. It is in you if you are in Christ.

Use that power today to Confront issues. When you don’t know how or what to pray, pray in the Holy Spirit – He knows our heart desires and He knows the will of God concerning your desire.

When you pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit aligns your desires to the will of God – See Romans 8:26-27.

Spend sometime praying in tongues that God by His Spirit will help you walk in the counsel of His Word, as we enter this new season.

Thank you for your feed back. It is very encouraging.

For the past three days, #prayerFocusForToday was published very late due to exhaustion. Please forgive me. It’s been a long prayer trip and my youth is being renewed. Shalom!

Perfecting all that concerns me, day 29

Session 1:Text Jeremiah 23:29 #prayerFocus : Growing in the Word.

A few years ago, I received a bad report from the doctor. My mind kept playing the report back to me. My imagination went on overdrive and kept playing horrible videos about the condition. I became sicker.

Fear gripped my soul.
What happened? I agreed with the doctor’s report and the forces of evil took advantage to torment me. And the condition worsened

In the midst of the fear and pains, GOD’s Word came to my Spirit by the way of Don Moen’s song “I am the LORD that healeth thee”.

That day, something snapped in me and faith welled up in me to war against that condition with GOD’s Word.

Whatever you allow continues, but whatever you disallow must stop.

For as long as I accepted that sickness, it stayed and became worse. But when I disagreed with it, our relationship terminated and it had to go away.

In like manner, stop agreeing with lack, limitation, poverty, depression, fear etc.

Instead boldly declare that GOD’s grace abounds to you and you have more than enough: affirm that you are the healed, the graced, the favored, the righteous, etc. And it shall become the principle by which your life functions.

You belong to the Kingdom of GOD. And “… the Kingdom of God is … of living a life of goodness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 14:17).

It is GOD’s design that you live a life of goodness, peace and joy. Anything contrary speaks of satanic interference.

And you war against Satan’s evil machinations by affirming GOD’s Words.

Never be accepting of negative happenings without conducting the Word-test. Line it up with GOD’s Word. GOD’s written Word is HIS mind revealed to us. Do not be taken in by the devil’s devices to pervert GOD’s Word. He would try to convince you that your challenges are GOD ordained. Speak GOD’s Word to that challenge and it will conform to GOD’s perfect will.

Affirmation in spiritual warfare:
“Does not my word burn like fire?” says the LORD. “Is it not like a mighty hammer that smashes a rock to pieces?” (Jeremiah 23:29; NLT)
Some ignorant folks think affirmation is synonymous to denial. Denial is a defense mechanism whereas affirmation is the Christian’s weapon for offense.
When GOD’s Word is declared, it goes forth like a launched missile to perform that for which it is sent. And it never returns without performing Divine counsel.
When the world fell into darkness and was in confusion because of satan’s rebellion; GOD called light out of darkness and set the world back on course. And that same GOD says to you now:
“I have put My words in your mouth and have covered you with the shadow of My hand, to establish the heavens, to found the earth, and to say to Zion, ‘You are My people.” (Isaiah 51:16).
And what Word has GOD put in your mouth?
“The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart,” that is, the word of faith we are proclaiming (Romans 10:8).
The Word of GOD declared by faith releases tremendous power into the atmosphere and paralyzes the forces of evil.
When Satan the devil tempted JESUS CHRIST, it was a war of words. CHRIST overcame the devil by rightly dividing the Worth of Truth. And the devil left HIM.
GOD’s word is given to you to enable you live victoriously in this life.
The forces of evil cannot stand the power in GOD’s Word For as scripture says: “… thou hast made thy name to be magnificent and raised up thy spoken word above all things.” (Psalm 138:2 ; Jubilee Bible, 2000). Hallelujah! GOD’s name and Word is magnified and exalted above all things. That GOD is our GOD!
The Church of GOD is a prevailing force and not a group of cowards who hide behind defense mechanisms. Affirmation is a weapon for spiritual warfare.
With our Affirmations, we put the “sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of GOD’’ (Ephesians 6:17) to work. There is nowhere GOD’s Word can’t penetrate and no situation or circumstances it cannot transform.
Make bold your confessions for “God didn’t give us a cowardly spirit but a spirit of power, love, and good judgment. (2 Timothy 1:7; GOD’S WORD® Translation)
JESUS CHRIST spoke Words to the raging storm and it calmed down. Those Words are in your mouth. Declare them by faith and victimize the forces of darkness.

Would like to read some of your affirmations. GOD bless you and your family from #theWatchman Hephzibah Christly

Perfecting all that concerns me, day 28

Session1: Text – Heb. 18:22 #prayerFocus – Romantic relationship2

Greetings dearly Beloved. Yesterday, we prayed about stalemated relationships.

Today our prayer focus is on those who genuinely desire to be married but who are unable to do so because of circumstances beyond their control. .

There are many factors that can cause delays in getting married. Let me illustrate.

Sometime in 2002, while on missions in a rural community in Lagos state, Nigeria 🇳🇬, I started the Healing Stripes Christian Counseling Clinic. It was a missionary outreach to hurting and troubled persons.

Eighty percent of those who visited, were single people between the ages of 35 to 45. Majority were well read pretty ladies with good income .

I felt very uncomfortable with that situation because I had unmarried daughters. I sure did not want them to be unmarried at 35.

A quick survey of the churches with larger congregations revealed that same trend – a great number of elderly single ladies, who truly desire marriage were being left alone.

I was so burdened for them that I called a 7-day prayer meeting to Confront issues. We had a good turnout.

I am old-school and do shut my eyes when praying. After I might have called out PrayerPoints.

During that prayer season There was one particular lady who was not my counselee but who came on referal. Because we were fasting and praying for the week, I had no counseling appointments and we only meet at the prayer venue.

From the very first time we met, I had a check in my spirit but had no idea why. On the 3rd day, with eyes shut in full prayer mode, the Holy Spirit nudged me and whispered, open your eyes and see what the daughter you are praying about is doing.

As I peeped through the rim of my glasses, I was shocked to see her peering into her mirror and touching up her makeup, while other ladies were praying fervently.

Back then, I used to be very brash and forthright. Righteous anger filled me and I called her out. I was like, why are you here, are you satan’s agent sent to disrupt this meeting?

If you are in the Western world you may not understand how traumatized an African woman is, who is single from 30 years upwards.

I had over 50 women crying out to God to roll away the reproach of ‘late marriage’, and someone was disrupting the atmosphere with her demonic manifestations.

Sad to say, till date, she is not married. However every woman who attended that prayer meeting got married within a year.

After my sharp rebuke, she said she was addicted to her mirror and makeup. She is indeed what deliverance ministers would call ‘queen 👑 of the coast’.

One of the major reason for ‘forced singleness is Demonization. Others are character flaws and sexual immorality.

Demonization is a none issue if the individual is willing and obedient. I once know a lady who when I told her to renounce spiritual concunbinage, bluntly refused.

In that one week of prayer, we dealt with spirit-spouses, ancestral blood covenants with satan that sold out their daughter(s) to him etc.

Characters flaws were dealt with through counseling and application of God’s Word.

The sexually immoral changed for good. And they got married.

If you are serious about marriage, conform to Word and not the world. The grace of marriage will come upon you to connect you with your ordained partner.

Exposing the better part of your anatomy will attract users and not husbands. Lying or pretending to be who you are not will not get you a good wife either.

Marriage is a Divine institution. God is still in the business of match – making. He still rules in the affairs of men!

You will find your wide when you commit the finding to God. Bible says to commit all your ways to God and He will direct your path.

Ladies, relax, there is no menopause in the Bible. Forget your biological clock and look up to God who makes all things beautiful in His time.

Stay with God and you will be found by your spouse.

Mary was not the only virgin in Israel and yet the Angel located and favored her. Your husband will locate you. Favored is who you are. And remember to invite me to the wedding 💒.


Today, I stand with you in worship of the Most High God who engraved you on the palm of his hand.

Mighty God thank you for your faithfulness which extends to the heavens.

You ordained marriage and confirmed that singleness is not good.

In appreciation of Your Word which says it is better to marry than to burn with passion, i present before your Holiness this your child who desires to do the honorable thing and be married.

There is absolutely nothing you cannot do.

We refuse to acknowledge all covenants except the Supreme covenant with the blood of Jesus Christ which speaks better things than all others.

By the blood of Jesus Christ, we have been forgiven redeemed justified, made righteous, delivered and victorious.

We acknowledge You alone as our God and Father. So have your way in our desire to be married.

We affirm your Word that there is therefore now no condemnation to us.

Your grace that brings favorable circumstances, beauty, divine appointment and announcement, is upon us.

We receive the grace of marriage, all round prosperity and goodwill from others.

We are blessed with the fire of attraction and grace of acceptance. All barriers and evil covers are removed.

Thank you for perfecting all that concerns our spouses to be. Excellent and wonder working God, we Thank you for rolling away the reproach of singleness, for shutting doors against users, against mean and wicked persons and human agents of the devil.

Glory to your Holy name for making our joy full to your glory and praise, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amein.

If you need spiritual counsel about your desire to be married, reach me via Facebook messenger.

Shalom from #theWatchman Hephzibah Christly

Perfecting all that concerns me, 27

Session1: Text – Heb. 13:4: #prayerFocus – Romantic relationship1

There are so many romantic relationships which are in limbo because one is plagued by indecision.

If you have been dating for over two years and yet no date has been fixed for marriage: Beloved, you are dealing with an indecisive, confused, dishonest and unfaithful person. He/she is taking advantage of you.

It’s worse if your partner is already enjoying marital privileges-cohabiting.

Bible says “Let marriage be held in honor among all.” Heb 13:4. Marriage is a Divine institution and you honor God in your marital aspirations by your purity.

If you have dishonored God who ordained marriage by preempting your marriage vows, there is need to repent.

In my 25 years as a spiritual warrior, I have observed that those who engage in premarital sexual relationship have a hard time when they eventually get married.

There will be so much fighting and disagreement to make you wonder why they even go got married.

That happened because premarital sex open doors for acute Demonization-finances, health and other important factors in life will be adversely affected.

However, when the couple take responsibility and ask forgiveness for dishonoring God, their marriage get healed and they enjoy it.

In line with our prayer theme for this season ending, we seek perfection in our romantic relationships-all stalemate must end today in Christ glorious name.

Let God as the Monarch 👑 of the universe intervene in this aspect of your life. Let God’s grace speak on our behalf to either bring clarity to the confused partner, so that marriage will result.

Or let the emotional soul tie be severed and a replacement birthed for the new season, if the other partner is not ready to commit.

Either way, the stalement must end.

You can’t carryover such indecision to your new season. Enough already.

If you do not make progress, you will vegetate. After which, death is imminent. Why die prematurely because someone wants to eat their cake 🎂 and have it.

I hear you say perhaps demons have been influencing your partners indecision. Cast out the demons and affirm God’s Word in your life.

However, remember that God does not take forever to answer prayers.

What you allow is what will continue. Today, you have take a stand to either continue to be the emotional sufferer or the liberated or delivered.

You really need to go forward.

Recently, a dear lady thought her relationship with a guy she had known for over 5years was going forward.

However, after 2years of accepting nonsensical excuses from the guy, hoping to upgrade to fit his specifications, she listened to Godly counsel and ended the alliance.

A big burden was lifted and she is going forward as we pray for God to perfect her romantic life. She desires marriage but not to someone who does not know what he wants.

Over the years, he had disrespected her. I pointed out that it would get worse after marriage.

And the last straw was when she pointed out how inconsistent and inconsiderate he has been over the years, and he sent her laughing 😂 emojis. It was then she concluded that he was mocking her.

I had stopped giving her unsolicited advise like forever. Until she contacted me when realization hit her. I’m sharing this here, with her permission.

People of God please wisen up. God’s Word says those who are sons of God are led by the Spirit of God. Your spirit is what got born again not your emotions, feelings etc.

Feelings or emotions can never give you accurate facts about a situation because they have to be disciplined to conform to God’s will, through daily intake of God’s Word. Besides which, they are easily influenced by information from our physical senses.

Therefore, guard your heart and not yield to your emotions. Be led by the Spirit of God.

Because when you are emotionally involved or dependent, it becomes increasingly difficult to move on.

I have another testimony from a dear child of God. She was dating a guy and both were sure they have conviction in the spirit that they are to be married.

However, she had doubts based on certain character traits she had observed. Anyways, 2 other ministers confirmed it for her.

Based on her having a check in the spirit, I counseled her to have an open mind. 3 months into the relationship, another guy made his intention known to her. Coincidentally, 3months before, was when he had received his own confirmation, but was praying for her to be ready for his proposal.

And that was the precise time the devil came in with a counterfeit. Incase you do not understand, ‘satan’ is in the business of counterfeiting the kingdom of God.

When he sees a blessing coming, he quickly counterfeits it, send it your way, in order to confuse, kill-joy and frustrate the divine destiny of the individual he is targeting.

Anyways, that ruse failed with this dear lady, because she was sensitive in the Spirit.

God’s Word says every good and perfect gifts come from God. Which means every good and imperfect gift is the handiwork of the devil.

Let that be a guiding principle for you. “Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow. – James 1 :17, NLT.

When the new guy came to her, he told her about his prayers for a wife and how God led him to her.

He asked for the phone number of her pastor so that he can make his intention known.

Upfront, the guy laid his heart bare and told us about his records etc. Which we were able to confirm.

That’s how far I’m going with that story anyways. The point I’m making is that, it doesn’t take a guy or gal months or years to know who to marry. So stop allowing yourself to be fooled and used.
Your desire to be married is a good thing. It is better to marry than to burn with passion.

However, just because you have a strong desire to be married, does not make you the object someone uses to gratify his /her basest instincts.

You are a child of God and God knows that it is not good for you to be alone. He understands your need for companionship-he formulated it into your being, for He is your creator and Father.

So let us pray and deactivate all the evils that ‘satan’ put in place, to frustrate your marriage goals.

Prayer points

*Thank God for your uniqueness-your womanhood, manhood and Humanity.

*You need to repent of every way you have dishonored God’s ideal of marriage through premarital sex.

*When Joseph found Mary with child, he wanted to put her away quietly without jeopardizing her life. However, by Divine intervention, Joseph was restrained.

Ask God to judge between you and your current partner: this is the time you present your case to God. Pour your heart out to Him and ask Him to perfect all that concerns your marital goals.

*#Declare from your heart that an end has come to worthless promises, assumptions and presumptions. Mean and wicked persons are separated from you.


I am a child of God and the accepted in the Beloved: I’m fully yielded to the leading, guidance and control of the Holy Spirit.

I no longer attract users, abusers, and the wrong kind of persons. For God’s fire of attraction and spirit of acceptance is at work in me.

God’s truth and wisdom are the forces of my life, propelling me from glory to glory as I walk in the paths prearranged for me.
I’m born of the Spirit, and I’m fully yielded to His leading, guidance and control; His truth and wisdom are propelling me towards God’s perfect will for my life.

Everything that belongs to me is blessed and wonderful.

I refuse to be dominated by the forces of darkness and to live like a second class citizen. I am beautiful, graced, elegant and endowed with supernatural favors.

I dominate my environment and subdue all the forces of evil assigned to frustrate my marital goals.

No demon, ancestral yokes, curses or satanic pacts can stop my marriage in this new season for Christ has redeemed me and ridded me of all the handwriting of ordinances that were contrary to my success, establishment, prosperity and marriage.

I reign over late marriage, sequences of disappointments, jinxed relationships, infidelity, deceit, fault – finding, and all related evils that plagued my desire to be married!

I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus! The lines are fallen to me in pleasant places, I have a goodly heritage. Hallelujah!

I enter into a God ordained relation that outcomes in marriage. My marriage is blessed and a model of the love between Christ and His Bride the Church for whom He died for.

I am loved, appreciated and respected by my spouse and together we honor God and win souls to God’s kingdom by our marriage, in Christ matchless name.

*Spend some time to pray in tongues and worship.

From #theWatchman Hephzibah Christly

Perfect all that concerns me O God-26

Session1&2: Text:Luke 15:11-32. #prayerFocus: Touch our prodigals.

Our text contains the story of the prodigal son. Please read it for yourself. As Believers, we are to study to show ourselves approved unto God.

Many families have that person(s) for who our hearts bleed over because of either what they did or how they turned out.

I do know that the grace of God that brings salvation, healings, deliverance, transformation and prosperity will appear to them, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Today, we are praying God to touch our prodigals and turn their lives around as only He can.

We put a restraint order on satan and his evil – forces to be away from them for life. Enough is enough. Our children and wards will transit into the new seasons with testimonies of Divine intervention and changed lifestyle, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Points

1. Thanksgiving:

ABBA Father, thank you for every member our families, especially those who separated themselves from us.

As much as their absence hurts, we are thankful we have not received that dreaded call. Thank you for your love and for preserving and protecting them.

2. Identification Repentance:

We identify with all the sins that have allowed this state of affairs. We and our children and all who we are representing with this prayer, have sinned against your holiness. We have cheated, lied, committed all manner of sexual sins, gone the way of rebellion and forsaken your mercies. We repent and ask forgiveness by the blood of Christ.

Today Lord, we ask that you touch their hearts also and bring them to repentance, just like you did with the prodigal son in the Bible.

We receive forgiveness and cleansing and receive the grace of restoration to greater glory.

3. Spiritual Warfare:

We are aware that the forces of evil 😈 could be influencing adversities against them: in order to keep them living as gluttons, winebibers, thieves, liars, sexually immoral, and all other related evils. So that in desperation, they will feel worthless and commit suicide.

ABBA Dad, we are also aware that Christ has paid the death penalty for sins. And where sin abound, grace abound the more-sin no longer has control over us. And without sin, satan can no longer operate.

We also know that Christ has defeated the devil 👿 and has overcome the world.

Therefore, the forces of evil 😈 should loose their holds over them. We bring under divine subjection and captivity, all the forces of evil assigned against those we are praying about and they are to go away from them now.

We lay hold of what Christ attained for Humanity, and also because ABBA, you are the Monarch of the universe who rules in the affairs of men, we ask that you draw our children and all those who have gone astray, back to you.

Let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end today in the lives of our loved ones and all others represented in this prayers.

We ask that the crooked paths of our loved ones be made straight.

We commit to you DAD everyone of them who is having a wilderness experience. Lead them to the promised land.

I put you in remembrance of your Word that you will train my children and great shall be their peace.

As they are traversing these tough terrains of life, we pray your cover of invincibility be upon them, and your peace should also garrison their souls.

We pray about their mental attitude that it undergoes an overhaul so that the feelings of worthlessness, fear, timidity, frustrations, murmuring, lack of zeal and related evils should go away from them.

We ask that they have an encounter with Your omnipotence that will transform their perception and perspectives, so they will realize that the giants in their promised lands are but grasshoppers.

We are thankful that You are God and your gifts and calling are irrevocable. We have been called and chosen by you. The seed of our body is good. Therefore, we pray specifically for the children of Believers who are tormented by the foul spirits of prodigiality and other evils – let your goodness locate them to restore them back to the fold.

In accordance with your word that whatever we disallow on earth is disallowed in heaven also. We disallow the spirits of Islam, and all other false religions, rebellion, wickedness, addictions, immorality, sequences of failures, fear, death, destruction, hardships, sicknesses, diseases, retardation, and all other related evil 😈 spirits–and declare they have no rights to hold our children and families.

We therefore break their holds over their willpower /volition, emotion, thought-life and all other faculties of their souls and bodies.

All the forces of evil have been overcome by our faith in Christ, they are to leave our children and wards now, and depart to the feet of Christ.

In accordance with your word ABBA, that what we say, shall come to pass, We speak liberty, excellence, purposefulness, clarity of vision, faith, faithfulness, spiritual insight, ease of achievement, divine appointments/connections and a life transforming encounter, into the life principle of our children and wards.

By the reason of the anointing, we know yokes are destroyed. Therefore we proclaim destruction of all yokes that held them bound to cyclical problems.

We declare an end to their wilderness wanderings, non-achievement and every other related evils, which kept them going round in circles.

Today, that vicious circle is destroyed, we command everything in creation to loose them and let them go forward into God’s will for their lives.

I say again to their consciousness, semi consciousness and deep consciousness- Go forward to the next level of grace and favor, in Christ Mighty name.

4. Callout the name of that particular individual your heart is pained about.

A. Release them to walk in the love 😍 of God that has been poured into their hearts.

B. Declare their deliverance, transformed personality, new relationship with God and restoration to God’s plans for his /her life

C. Thank God that in his mercies, he is perfecting the lives of your loved ones so that your joy will be complete.

Session 2

Let us pray for those who are in the deep valley of depression.

A. Command all the forces of evil influencing negatives and blinding the eyes of their understanding, to leave them at once

B. Pray the eyes of their understanding be enlightened so that they will learn, understand and apply the lessons in their challenges.

C. Command their challenges to convert to blessing.

D. Release supernatural favors to them.

E. Affirm that by supernatural divine intervention, they are removed from the valleys of despair into a glorious new beginning, in the matchless name of Jesus Christ


My children are the seeds of the righteous. They are victorious, prospering and have the excellency of God’s Spirit.

They are first among equals and enjoy ease of achievements, for they are partakers of the divine nature and thus are high achievers, kingdom builders and soul winners.

Who ever attempts to stand against them is become their servants. All weapons malfunctions against them.

They find joy in God and not in things, persons or places and thus they are strengthened and never defeated, depressed or traumatized.

They are healed and cannever fall sick for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus is at work in them.

My generations are blessed in all things:they have the understanding of the times and function in God’s perfect will.

My bloodline is cleansed for we are the generation of righteousness- the Lord’s heritage and thus none of the prevailing diseases of this world can afflict us. Glory be to God hallelujah 🙌

From #theWatchman Hephzibah Christly

Perfecting all that concerns me, day 25

Session1:Text:Ps 86:17: #prayerFocus: show me your goodness

Shew me a token for good; that they which hate me may see it, and be ashamed: because thou, LORD, hast holpen me, and comforted me-Psalm 86:17

When Gideon had a Divine encounter, he asked for confirmation.

When Thomas doubted the testimony of his fellow disciples that Christ had risen, Jesus Christ showed him proof.

Even after Peter denied Christ, he was restored. However, Judas Iscariot who betrayed Christ committed suicide.

It is not a sin to Ask God to show you a sign of His goodness in your life. He will show you His goodness with confirmation in Christ precious name.

Prayer Points

1. Thank God for where you are at now in life-thank Him for your marriage, work, schooling, children, your parents etc.

2. Ask God to show forth His goodness, faithfulness, miracles and favor in your life so that those who think you will amount to nothing, will see it and glorify God.

When praying, specifically state the aspect of your life that you want God’s goodness to manifest.

For example, you can say Father, show me your goodness in my business, take me to another level of expansion, production etc.

Pray out your heart, specifically in the direction that you feel the most challenged.

Until you have clarity, you would just be wasting breath praying about non-issue. :which James refer to as praying amiss.

#if you do not have a prayer list/request, then you would be praying head prayers that are not from the spirit.

When you make a list, prioritize and reprioritize-use a scale of preference – most important first.

When you do that, you will discover that the solution of one particular challenge, will settle all your problems. Home-in on that. Continue to pray all manner of prayers about that. That is the reason we have #prayerfocus.

3. Ask God to increase your greatness, and comfort you on every side-See Ps. 71:21

4. Declare that the desires of the wicked against you and yours perishes immediately. -see Ps. 112: 10

5. Ask God to help you so that all the troubles of this year will not follow you into your next season. Ps. 118:13.

6. Lift up your prayer Request to God and pray in the Holy Spirit /tongues

I believe in my heart and thus I #declare that I am favored of God. Therefore, surely, goodness and mercy follows me all the days of my life.

My past ends today and no longer influence my future. I am a new creation in Christ for the goodness of God which led me to repentance keeps me in the path of success, healing, victory and unlimited goodness

From now I behold and see that all things have become new for me. I am graced to walk in newness of life.
The benefits of the Finished Work of Christ on the Cross are manifesting in my life.
I live by faith.
I am the righteous.
I am the healed.
I am the rich.
Anything not consistent with Christ have no place in me.
Glory to God! Hallelujah!

From #theWatchman Hephzibah Christly