Re-Present your children to God by Prayer

#stopAndThink: Are you raising Godly seeds or worldly seeds? Children are a sacred trust from God. Have you faithfully nurtured your children in the fear and discipline that comes from God? (See Ephesians 6:4)

If you have failed in parenting them right and they are now the source of many tears, sorrows and sleepless nights.

Don’t despair, you can get it right again. Our God is a God who forgives, heals and restores.

Say this #prayer with me.

ABBA Father, thank you for your love and trust that made you give me parenting responsibilities.
I am sorry for failing you so woefully. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ for forgiveness and receive cleansing for all the sins and bloodline unrighteousness.

I rededicate all my children to you. ABBA, use them for your glory. By this dedication they are holy unto you and therefore uninhabitable by all the depravity in this dark world.

I thank you because your grace that brings healing, deliverance salvation, protection favor and prosperity is upon all my descendants.

From today I declare that as the seed of the righteous they shall function in their God-given destiny and fulfil the purpose for their lives. For they now
function in the arena of indestructibility and nothing can stand against them.
According to the riches of your glory my descendants are strengthened with might by your Spirit and Christ indwells them by faith, in the name of Jesus Christ I 🙏 pray. Amein.
Hephzibah Christly

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