Minister of God: You’ll not lack good things

“A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25People of GOD. as you are ministering to others, Know that GOD is faithful to perform HIS words in your life. Your family will not lack anything good in Christ name. But if you are facing lack and limitations in ministry, go back in prayers to GOD who called you. I too went through the process of suffering in ministry.There was a time when I thought the established ministers would extend refreshment to me, But to GOD be the glory that they failed me. Some even advised for me to close down the ‘work’ GOD committed to my care and come head their prayer teams, after which they would consider how to give me support.I thank GOD they despised my days of little beginnings because it made me stronger in faith, to trust GOD and absolutely depend on HIM for sustenance, housing and the sponsorship for the education of my children.
GOD pointed me to the discussion Christ had with Peter in Luke 18:28, when Peter said:…28 “Behold, we have left our own homes and followed You. 29 Truly I say to you, there is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, 30 who will not receive many times as much at this time and in the age to come, eternal life.” Lk.18:28-30I held on to that Rhema Word that ”Faithful is HE who has called you”What the ”Pentecostal fathers” (as i call them) said to me demoralized me. In essence they said I had no call, why else would they have told me to close down ‘my small shop’ and join their ‘bi(g)shop’.Stop being a ‘fine beggar’ who extort money from the sheep through unending projects and unscriptural offerings; also stop going from one ‘big minister’ to the other with your tales of woe! REMEMBER HE who called you is faithful. The seed if tfe righteous shall not beg bread. (See Ps. 37:25) I’m a living witness. Look unto JESUS CHRIST; HE is the AUTHOR and FINISHER of your faith. Shalom!Hephzibah Christly

Talk the Talk and Walk the Talk

“For in HIM we live, and move, and have our being”- Acts 17:28;Kjv.

Brethren, you are lifted in Christ name.
There are lots of us who talk the talk and still walk the talk. What you believe in your heart, you are to declare with your mouth.

Thoughts begin in the mind and translates into action and lifestyle. The more of the WORD you have in the inside of you, the more of the WORD you become. Do not be offended or judge those whose words are laced with scripture. Its WHO they have become!

For in HIM we live, move and have our being, and in HIM we can do all things.

The Word of faith is to be read, ingested, metabolized, lived and declared.

GOD spoke the World into existence. We are all at different levels of spiritual growth and in the living of the GOD-life.

Love involves accepting people for wherever they are at now, in their understanding and application of the WORD of GOD.

A brother/Sister may not know how to respond adequately when confronted with the reality of homosexuality, pornography, horoscope reading and abuse. That does not mean they are judgmental, accepting or hypocrital!

It could just mean they are shocked, dumfounded, and may still be processing how to relate in that given situation.

Let’s try to be more gracious with our words.

Revelation is progressive.

I remember an incident on my Facebook profile page when I posted the picture of human feet packaged as lunch-pack by a Chinese restaurant: the picture was on the internet: I reposted it to expose the evil of carnibalism.

Some brethren went after me so aggressively it was as if they were closet cannibals who resented the exposure! Others threatened to unfriend me as if my life and ministry revolved round them. I obliged them by unfriending them.

Only one sister raised her voice in solidarity through her boldly written comments: while It’s true though that some others showed solidarity by their “Likes” , but the bold comments of that sister spoke so much about her bold faith in God.

MY LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST was a positive non-conformist and so am I. Read through the scriptures, Christ made His views known. He never shied away from controversies. While on HIS earthly mission, HE boldly confronted evil.

How then would a BELIEVER post disparaging comments about another for expressing his/her beliefs? What happened to correcting one another in love?

I thank GOD for where you are at in your Christian walk/race. That is your personal achievement. That is you, “working out your salvation with fear and trembling”. Others will eventually get to where you are at now, and many others have gone beyond there also.

Remember that Revelation is progressive and no one has an exclusive of the WORD of GOD, so, let’s move on towards developing Christlikeness in worship, character and service.

Wherever you are at in your faith-life is by GOD’s grace. Let no one glory in the flesh; for in HIM I live, move, have my being and can do allthings. Shalom!

From #theWatchMan
Hephzibah Christly #theSpiritualWarrior