Beware who you are Following

This coronavirus has been a trial of faith for so many churchgoers and church leaders.

Which reminds me of the writing on the wall. While Belshazzar was feasting, he saw a hand writing ‘ mene mene tekel parsin’ .

Which means: ” you have been weighed on the scales and found to be no good, and your kingdom is given to the Medes and the Persians.’ (See Daniel 5:1-31)

Now I understand better what the Bible means by ‘woe to those who are at ease in Zion’, and why we should ‘pray not to enter into temptation.’

The Corona pandemic struck while many Christians were at ease, and most ‘Church leaders’ were fraternizing with politicians.

They were caught off guard, and those who planned on making profit by it, took advantage of the confusion and scared them the more with horrible projections.

Gullible church leaders fell for satanic manipulations and were very accepting of the lockdown propositions.

I must admit that at first, I was troubled in my soul about all the bad reports of the media on covid-19. It was scary. I did not know how to process it appropriately, until I took my fears to God in prayer.

From the place of Prayer, enlightenment came and I could put it in perspective.

Fear vanishes when you confront it with the perfect love of, and for God.

Nothing, not even the coronavirus can separate us from the love of God.

As I reviewed God’s faithfulness over the years, faith welled up in me to fight against the virus.

In addition, to upping on personal hygiene, we built up our immunity by eating nutritious foods.

We also erected a spiritual perimeter against the virus by faith confessions. We declared God’s Word over our community and refused to allow the virus space in our homes.

Although ‘church buildings ‘ were shut, we the people of God, the Real Sons of God (SOG) are free.

The spiritual dimension of covid 19:

Covid-19 was an invisible enemy, originating from the invisible forces of hell against humanity.

It is an open secret that satan is humanity’s most virulent foe. However, because of Divine restrictions he cannot kill humans.

Therefore he uses his evil ingenuity to craftily empower humanity to self-destruct.

The lockdown model, facemasks and the touted enforced vaccinations were all programmed to dehumanize and destroy humanity.

All these assumptions are unfolding daily through press releases by scientists and independent fact checkers

But for God, whose loving kindness and tender mercies are new every day, the deaths would have been more, due to enforced lockdown.

The story so far:

Even though the President of the USA has categorized Churches as essential services, several Christian leaders, pseudo scholars, and some celebrities are telling Christians to stay locked up in their homes.

Such hypocrisy is laughable.

These same people go shopping in malls, take public transportation, etc. And recently, they were out there calling out their followers to a nation wide protest that went south.

Protesters came out in large numbers without fear of being infected by the coronavirus.

All those advocating for continuing lockdown of churches, no longer have tenable excuses.

Amazingly the epicenter of the virus in USA did not record new cases.

Yet, some Christian leaders are negotiating with the Lagos state governor, the failed covid 19 model. Even though the modeler have resigned in disgrace.

The governor says churches must preregister before they can reopen. Even though market places and commercial buses were not required to follow such guidelines.

In addition, churches would be allowed 60 minutes to gather. But should sanitize the building within 30 minutes of the 60 minutes.

Some pastors accepted the terms! Government now runs those churches!

Do not be a companion of fools:

The Bible says the fool denies the existence of God in his heart. (See Psalm 14:1)

Ignorance of God’s power, causes humans to succumb to satan’s fear tactics.

Fear pilots evil. When you yield to fear, you open up your life for demonization (demon activity)

Some pastors who held services during lockdown, were arrested by armed policemen.

It was shocking to read the post by a Christian leader who wrote that ‘any pastor arrested for violating the lockdown is on his own’. Such betrayal!

I cried for the ‘church in Nigeria’ that day because it was a sellout to the forces of evil.

No matter whatsoever is going on, you do not throw the brethren under the bus.

That statement was confirmation that the church and state have become one. And the government, not God, was calling the shot to the people of God.

Please understand that I’m not saying the ‘church ‘ should be lawless. The Bible admonishes us to obey those in authority.

However, we should be willing and ready to differ on issues that involves ‘conscientious beliefs’; and to readily suffer the consequences for such differences.

The Bible says, “…all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution”.(2Timothy 3:12)

Persecution is children’s bread. It’s no big deal

But what happened? Except for some countries in Africa who did not lockdown church buildings, ‘church leaders ‘ globally, betrayed Christ and denied the power of God to save, to heal, to deliver and to prosper.

We fell for satan’s lies, just as mother Eve fell for satan’s force of persuasive arguements, back in Eden.

Instead of portraying ‘church-meetings’ as solution to the spread of the virus, they agreed that it would be the problem, positing that attendees would be at risk.

Many motivational speakers disguise as pastors. Beware who you are following. When the blind lead the blind both end in a pit (see Matthew 15:14)

Disregard such pastors who have not stood up in faith at this time, until they repent .

#AskYourPastor: what he/she stands for, where his loyalty lies- God or Government. Those who are not with is are against. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything.

#AskYourPastor: Why he/she have exalted covid 19 more than God who is the Great Physician and Healer of all diseases?

So many people are blaming the government for opening up malls, etc, while church buildings are still shut down in most nations of the world

Its not about the church building, its about church- leaders denying the power of God to save; when they bowed to fear of being infected by coronavirus, and fell for the manipulations of the politicians.

What we are witnessing today is scripture coming alive. They have become servants to whom they yielded themselves to obey. (Romans 6:16)

By yielding to the demands of the politicians, they sold their power/birthright/honor as servants of the Most High God.

They also put their followers under the negative influences of the new world order/the forerunner of the antichrist.

Instead of church Leaders to lead the people in faith against the corona virus, and reinforce biblical health principles, they forgot whose child they are and feared for their lives.

They forgot that those who love life will lose it.

To reverse this trend calls for repentance by the ‘Body of Christ”.

Then God’s power to deliver will manifest and destroy the yoke of governmental oppression over the church.

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