Facing Persecution for Righteousness sake?

Recently, Facebook censored four of my pages and most of the groups that I administer to without prior warnings.

The page, GOSPEL MINISTERS FORUM was released after I cried foul.

Currently, two of our pages: HEALING STRIPES and VALUE ADDED LIVING (VAL) are on FB mandatory lockdown (hidden from the public).

In addition, CHRIST (S A.G.E.S) MIRACLES is on temporary lockdown.

Perhaps someone vindictive WAS reporting me or FACEBOOK is targeting Christian Pages and Groups on their platforms.

Whatever the case, God will not allow FB or their agents to subvert the cause of the Gospel, nor to violate my freedom of speech.

We have not violated FB community standards, and have simply published messages that edify, exhort and comfort people.

Without apology, I affirm that I am Christian and a Missionary

If we are being persecuted for righteousness sake, great shall be our rewards from God.

We do not solicit nor troll any of our pages or groups. Faithful is God who called us into ministry.


I call on the God of heaven whom I represent and whose I am, to arise in judgement against whoever, and whatever will continue to try and subvert the cause of the Gospel on the internet.

With faith as our shield, we come against the forces of evil, and their human agents, and command them to stand down now, in Christ matchless name.

We reassign to the feet of Christ right away, all evil spirits, and related demons on assignment against us.

Blindness be upon on all spies: their networks are to disintegrate at once, and their monitoring devices are to catch fire now.

All those bots and other evil weapons that are, or will be customized, forged, fashioned or formed against us, should malfunction and self-destruct now.

Whoever is reporting us and our pages to FB, Tweeter and other platforms, are hereby placed on Divine restraints.

I affirm that in Christ, I am head over all principalities and the forces of darkness: therefore, I release troubles to encompass our detractors/denigrates.

Further more, the fear and dread of God be upon them, until they repent and renounce evil, and seek salvation of God.

Shame on the devil and the forces of evil. Nothing can stop the establishment and the advancement of God’s Kingdom through us, in Christ matchless name.

We are victorious.
From Hephzibah Christly #theSpiritualWarrior

Email: spiritualwarrior24@gmail.com

Tweeter: @Hefzibuh (Hephzibah Christly #theSpiritualWarrior)

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