Friendly Fire Hurts

Previously, I wrote that Facebook was targeting Christian pages and groups.

“…it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you” (2Thessalonians 1:6;KJV)

Facebook unpublished four of my pages, released one after an outcry, placed one under temporary lockdown, and two are still under isolation. Even after their page quality testifies, ” Your page has no restrictions or violations”

As I was processing the debacle of Facebooks injustices, a well meaning but very ignorant ‘christian’, came after me with blazing religious bigotry.

She came accusing me of cursing whoever was reporting me to facebook, because I chose to confront the debacle with God’s Word.

In Isaiah 54, Bible says to condemn any voices that riseme up to judge you. It is my right as a ‘son of God’.

Soldiers give covering fire when their own is under attack. They do not join the enemy to fight their own, nor shoot at a fallen colleague. They come to the rescue.

That sister’s comment though isolated, hurt more than FB’s injustices.

I’m eternally grateful to all of you dear friends, pages and groups family. For your prayer coverings and encouraging words. They helped me process the persecutions appropriately.

I pray that, “The LORD recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the LORD God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust.”(Ruth 2:12)


Some of the pages under attack/temporary lockdown were started 7/8 years ago. They contain lots of data, sleepless nights, tears and unrelenting prayers that went into building them.

Only those who are page and group admins can understand the amount of hard work it takes to build an audience. It’s not about the ‘Likes ‘ but the lives of our followers.

Through our facebook pages, we help people become better persons/citizens -they grow steadfastly in faith, equipped to confront challenges heading.

Through our internet missions, sickfolks and demonically oppressed people receive healing and deliverance.

It was so traumatic for me when the pages were unpublished, because as this covid-19 pandemic raged, people need hope and healing from God.

When Facebook covertly took down our pages that are helping people with the spiritual resources to survive, and overcome the pandemic, it made me realize their intentions are questionable.

I was disgusted by their underhand tactics of covertly unpublishing the pages without priors.

I cried because my life work was being tampered with by a coward who does not have the liver to stand up with factual evidence, but who instead cooks up imaginary tales and then hides the evidences from the public by taking down the page.

As we kept bombarding Team Facebook, they falsely accused us of spam . We objected publicly that we donot, have not and will never solicit because our God meets our needs according to His riches in glory.

Several facebookers comments also testified to how our pages have been blessing them.

We were vindicated when we got the screenshot from their page quality section, stating that ‘there are no violations or restrictions on our page.’

The question is, why has Facebook not republished the page HEALING STRIPES when we have not violated their community standards? Is this not religious discrimination/ targeting?

We refuse to accept condemnation, false accusations, religious bigotry and other related evils. Because what you allow is what will continue.

Facebook owes us an apology and compensation for the traumatic experience.

Beloved Brethren in Christ, speak out against such unscrupulous practices by social media platforms. Because we use their platforms does not give them the rights to treat us with such ignominy.

The contents we feed our pages keep their business going.

Advertisers pay them to use the traffic our posts generate.

Yet they dare sanction us covertly? God will not allow them subvert our cause any further, in Christ matchless name.


I reassign all the forces of evil and their relatives, assigned against our online platforms to go at once to the feet of Christ.

For this cause Christ manifested, to destroy the works of the devil. All satanic projectiles and devices wirking against us, are to catch fire at once.

All those evil agents that are targeting Christians are to disband and become jobless at once. So that they will realize that the battle is not to the strong, and God is the Monarch of the world-HE rules in the affairs of men.

I loose the peace of God to garrison our souls and the hurts to dissipate.

All other Christian ministries that are gagged on the internet are hereby released to continue their mandate. Our God disallows the subverting of our causes.

Those who are covertly targeting Christians, Christian pages, and groups on internet/social media platforms, are henceforth exposed, disabled, and replaced by Godly media operators, in Christ matchless name.


I hold fast my confessions of faith, that no one can lay anything to the charge of God’s Elect. I have been made righteous by my faith in Christ.

Therefore, all the voices of accusations from all realms of existences are hereby silenced by the speaking Blood of Christ.

All the handwriting of ordinances and other evil records are hereby declared null and void.

I walk in the preordained pathways of righteousness, excellence, victory and my inheritance in Christ.

I am favored and have the upper hand, in Christ matchless name.

For counseling and Prayer,


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Shalom from Hephzibah Christly #theSpiritualWarrior

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