Releasing Descendants to Prosper

Hereditary curses that caused setbacks, hardships and poverty in your ancestors are hereby reversed. You are blessed beyond curses, in Christ Jesus mighty name.


*Thank YOU ABBA FATHER for being our Father and our God.

* Thank you also for entrusting us with the sacred trust of caring for children.

* We present to You ABBA, all our children by birth, by adoption, by fostering and those in the faith.

* We identify with the sins of our bloodline, and plead the blood of Christ Jesus, for forgiveness . We confess the sins of rebellion, disobedience, all forms of sexual perversions, and all other evils.

* We acknowledge that we have done wickedly against you . Yet in Christ, your mercies prevailed over judgment. And you did not destroy us in your wrath.

* We receive forgiveness and cleansing for ourselves and our bloodline, as well as the enabling grace to live righteously.

*We believe that the power to sin has been destroyed in our lives, and sin no longer has dominion over us.

*We come against all evil spirits and their relatives, that have attached themselves to our lives when we were living in sin: they are to dislodge themselves and leave at once to the feet of Christ our Master who have set us free.

* We command to sever at once, all soul ties to persons who have been subjugating, domineering, controllinĸ and abused us.

* For this cause Christ manifested to destroy the works of the devil. Every evil that is projected, or customized against us, that manipulates our actions, responses or reactions in a negative manner are to self destruct at once.

* Since for in Christ Jesus our descendants and us entered into the blessings of Abraham, all curses of slavery, failure at the edge of breakthrough, hardship, going round in circles, non-achievement, infirmity, mediocrity, premature termination of projects, abjectivity, death and related evils, convert at once to blessings.

* We proclaim our liberty and declare that the paradigm has shifted in our favor for God has given us the upper hand.

* We walk in success, make unprecedented progress, enjoy Divine health, Divine healing and excel in all spheres of life.

*We enjoy all round prosperity.

* We are a burning and a shining light in the world, fame and good fortune are our portion.

*As Salt of the earth, we preserve and add meaning to the lives of people in our world.

*We fulfill destiny, scripture is fulfilled in our lives, as light attracts we attract our world to the Kingdom of God.

* No divination, sorcery, enchantment, jinxing, incarnation, manipulation, domination and relatives, shall prosper against us: for in Christ Jesus, we are blessed beyond curses!

* We are born of God and thus victorious over the world.

*Thank YOU ABBA FATHER for adopting us into YOUR Royal Family and made us Royal Priests, who are invincible and thus untouchables!

*All the Glory, honor and power be unto our GOD and Father, in Christ matchless name we prayy. Amein!

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From Hephzibah Christly #theSpiritualWarrior

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