The Miraculous Birthing of Twins.

God is Sovereign over territories and regions. He meets us in our valley’s and gets us out.

The following is a personal #testimony of how God intervened and brought me out of a death-zone.

Firstly, let me mention here that I have the greatest of friends on Facebook.

Today 4th of July, while preparing to send birthday greetings to my twin children, Facebook unpublished two more of our Christian pages. Bringing to 5 the unpublished pages

It is so upsetting because our crime was to preach the Word of Goď, giving hope to a dying world.

As I looked through most recent posts, i discovered that the trigger was the page’s display of a Bible and words that state that Jesus Christ is the only way.

As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. … Proverbs 27:17

My Facebook friends were quick to encourage me when I posted the pictures of the unpublished pages.

I am thankful for their prayers and encouraging words. They gave me the jump-start to keep going, and not let my emotions get the best of me.

Actually, 4th July is full of memories for me. In addition to Facebook targeting, it is the day I gave birth naturally to twins. After a grueling pregnancy that lasted one year, two months and two weeks.

For three months, I was placed on medical bedrest in the hospital, because I was draining.

I refused a caesarean section, because 37 years ago, that was a death sentence.

I was confined because the babies were lying in a strange way that could rupture the over extended uterus.
One was transverse, while the other was breech.

The doctor was hopeful the babies would change positions before the birth process, but there was no space for such.

The guy was so big and took up all the space. He weighed about 4.5/ 5kg at birth, while the girl weighed just 2.1kg.

I remember her birth weight clearly because she was so tiny.

The guy who was breech, came out after like centuries. The labor pains crossed my pain threshold over a million times, because the guy came out butts first, instead of heads first.

The midwife had to change the girls position and fondal pressure was used to facilitate her birth.

As if that was not enough stress for the day, a horrible medical emergency that required all hands, made my attending staffs to leave us for perhaps ten minutes.

That was when my life’s blood started draining away. I could not pull the bedside bell. I was too weak. I knew I was dying. It was so peacefully welcome. I had been through much already, and was tired. Death was so welcome.

Then I heard the voice of my step mom calling out to me. She was pleading that I should not leave my children motherless, just as my mom did. That got to me.

And I came out of death’s strong hold.

Next I knew, I was being wheeled into the theater for a minor procedure to remove the tiny part of the placenta that stayed back.

But for God….

Remarkably, I lost lots of blood and was being prepared for a blood transfusion , when I heard clearly in my spirit,” take the children out of here now “.

The tiny wisp of a girl was on the way to the incubator when I cried out, ‘ noo, I want to go home now’.

That shout of course, made the medical team think I had lost my mind. Can you imagine the scenario?

They wanted to give me a tranquilizer when my dad came in.

My dad and I share a deep bond. I explained to him what I heard in my spirit. And without question, he signed us out of the hospital.

While waiting to settle our bills, the hospital was thrown into a state of confusioñ as people started dying in the wards

That was how we were asked to leave and come settle bills later.

As I look back, I’m thankful.
Today, the twins are doing well, and active in Christian ministry, and are parents themselves.

I have five grandchildren from both.

The guy once pastored with me in the missionfield.

The gal is head of the children’s ministry in her local congregation, with global outreach.
Some few days ago, she led some 38 children to Christ in a single day, and the children experienced a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and started speaking in tongues!

As I read testimonies from parents of the children she has pastored for the past 8 years, and from her co-children church teachers, and from some of the children themselves, praise for God, welled up in me.

Join me in thanking God for my family, especially for the twins, who are number 5 and 6 among my children. Let God’s grace continue to meet their needs, in Christ precious name.

This is what I should have shared with my friends. Instead, I allowed Facebook’s targeting of our Christian pages to get at me.

God has been super faithful to me and my family. After all we have been through, we still have joy.

The devil is known for trying to destroy livess at the threshold of breakthrough oor elevation.

satan is on a mission to kill joy, steal happiness and destroy life. Resist him by being steadfast in faith.

Faith in God is our victory (see 1John 5:4)

Never evet accept defeat. You can change the narrative of your life by holding fast to God’s word about your life.


I join you in thanking God for His grace upon your life. In unity of faith, i join you in commanding a stop to all satanic attacks against your advancement.

Every evil spirits assigned against you, are to leave at once with their relatives, to the feet of Christ.

Delays, bans, embargoes, and other related progress blocking strategies are lifted now.

The grace of God will show up strong for you in all your endeavours.

Identify and walk through the doors of divine opportunities . Make unprecedented progress, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amein

You can reach me by this email


Thank you for reading through.
Hephzibah Christly #theSpiritualWarrior

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