Break SoulTies/Curses From Sexual Sins

Break SoulTies/Curses From Sexual Sins

sexual-sin-run-from-itRun from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does. For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body.” (1 Corinthians 6:18; NLT)

“LADIES be careful of the Men you let into your heart and enter your body. Sex is not only a physical exchange– it is also a spiritual exchange. Sex is powerful and a direct pathway into your temple. Some of you can’t get over that low life of a man because the demons he carries within him still torment you spiritually. You KNOW in your gut that even though he looks attractive…something about him ain’t right. Yet, something still keeps luring you to him. Your mind and body wrestles back and forth with spiritual principalities and “sexual soul ties.” Sexual soul ties BIND you to that man, men his type and the dark spirits that follow him. Some women often wonder why the SAME type of dude always pursues them… Why they ATTRACT the same type of guy after they got rid of the scum bag that plagued their life. It’s that FAMILIAR Spirit he left with You!!! BE CAREFUL who you open yourself up to receive in your bed…Don’t be Laid Up!” (By Kaliburius S. Bigelow)

People perish because they lack knowledge. But through Knowledge shall the just be delivered.

To point people to the damming effect of the bond created through sexual intercourse, the Apostle Paul asked: “Don’t you know that anyone who is joined to someone who is sleeping around is one body with that person? The scripture says, The two will become one flesh.” (1 Corinthians 6:16; CEB).

Sexual Intercourse bonds you to your partner. That is one of the reasons GOD confined it to marriage. Do you wonder why some married couples blend physically and look like siblings? It is because through sexual activity, they deposit a part of them in each other “two have become one flesh”.

It can be boldly stated that “Every Man You Have Sex with Deposits Something in You”.

But rather unfortunately, most of us haven’t been properly educated about sex. In some culture and religion, it’s almost a taboo to discuss these things outside of private matters. But the silence leads to a lack of awareness of the dangers that sexual involvement outside of marriage can create.

I heard recently on the news of how the DNA of a sexual partner can be isolated even after 6 years. (I wish I had listened well).

Does anybody even know how powerful sexual intercourse is?  It creates life! Most just see it as a physical experience, but forget the bond, the connection, the energy exchange, and the deep cellular interaction one experiences with their partner.

When people decide to have multiple sexual partners, it sends mixed emotional signals inside of the body’s vibration system.

We should be careful of allowing different energies or spiritual forces pollute our temple. Or don’t you know that as a Christian, your body is GOD’s temple and thus must be kept holy?

You need to be aware also that imprints from multiple partners can often create illusion of a sexual addiction. This could result to insatiable sexual appetite

Ever wonder why it is known as sexual intercourse (INTER-Course)? It is because it’s an internal course that unites man and woman, mind with mind, spirit with spirit, or energy with energy. It is something that a condom can’t protect you against because energy is behind the elements of all flesh.

There is no such thing as “casual” sex or “friends with benefits”.

Intimate activity intricately entwines the energies between two people.

Sex creates a powerful exchange of sexual energy between those involved. These connections, imprints and debris are left upon the mind, soul and spirit for a long time because they are not easily purged or cleansed.

The best option is to flee sexual sins.amazing-things-happen

Guys, Zip up your pants.

Ladies, keep your legs closed.

God ordained sexual intercourse for married couples.

It is better to marry than to burn with passion. The desire to have sex is legitimate. But sex outside of marriage is illegitimate with many woes. It’s really not worth the stress to have a few seconds of pleasure and a lifetime of regrets.

Therefore, if you desire to marriage, ask God for a wife or husband.

Let us now go ahead and confront the issues raised, through spiritual warfare.


ABBA Father we acknowledge YOU as our GOwar the devil is evictedD and FATHER. We exercise the authority in the name Jesus Christ as we embark on this warfare to terminate all evil assignments against us.

All agents of the devil that are assigned against us and other ministers of God are hereby arrested and their works destroyed.

For this cause Christ came to destroy the works of the devil. I release blindness on all monitoring spirits and evil spirits on assignments as well as cut off all reinforcements.

By the shedding of Blood is remission of sins. We confess as sins all illegitimate sexual activities and online sinful interactions in our pasts and present.

We repent of all forms of sexual sins and ask God’s forgiveness and cleansing. We receive forgiveness and cleansing. We order all activities of the guilty conscience to stop right now for God is greater than our conscience.

I #declare that the speaking blood of Jesus Christ silences all the voices of accusations against us. There is therefore now, no condemnation to us for we now walk in the Spirit

I #affirm that by faith in the finished work of Christ on the Cross, we have entered into a superior covenant by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore all other covenants we entered into knowingly or ignorantly through illegitimate sexual involvements, and other sinful interactions, are hereby nullified.

We sever all soul ties to all the sexual partners we sinned with, as well as with other evil relationships that has compromised our Divine destiny.

We also declare that our body is the temple of the living God; therefore all pollutants in our bodies are to disintegrate now.

We speak cleansing over our sexual organs and all other body parts involved in sexual sins.

We #affirm that we have been made right and justified by our faith in CHRIST. Every voice of accusation from our past and future is condemned to silence. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death.

We #declare that we are holy unto God and shall live to glorify HIS Holy name in the land of the living.

We receive more grace to live holy and righteously in this world. We renounce sex-texting, pornography, incest and all its related evils and entities.

All evil entities, especially sex-related demons are to leave us and our bloodline now.

All sinful sexual habits are to stop now.

We repent and break free from infidelity, nymphomaniac tendencies, bestiality, fornication, rape, and sexual abuse of children; incest, lesbianism, homosexuality, masturbation and all other sexual sins that has occurred in our ancestry.

All evil spirits influencing such negatives are to leave now and their works consumed by Holy Ghost fire.

We #proclaim that our bloodline is cleansed.

We #affirm that Christ has been made a curse for us and we have inherited the Divine genes and the bloodline blessings of Abraham.

Therefore, all activated curses related to sexual immorality and disobedience such as late marriages, no marriages, marriage failures, consecutive marriages, sexual abuses, jilting by fiancés/dropped marriage proposals; promiscuity of children; frigidity; sterility; premature ejaculation, and all other curses not mentioned here – are hereby rendered impotent.

We affirm that Christ took our sicknesses and removed our diseases: it follows therefore that we are healed from all the sicknesses and diseases which affects sexual and reproductive organs. We are fruitful and productive. The multiplication effect of GOD’s grace is upon us.

We #boldly Declare that we are blessed beyond curses; Therefore we experience the joy of marriage because the grace of marriage is released to us.

We affirm that marriage is a good thing and so we are all released to have good marriages and model the relationship between Christ and His Church with our marriages.  mercies new every morning

Thank You Father God. We receive healings, restoration, reconciliation, holiness, expansion, prosperity and excellence in all facets of our lives, in CHRIST powerful name.

Hephzibah Christly


  1. marriage fightI just don’t love my spouse anymore:

Love is not a feeling – It’s a choice and the act of the will. The complementary action proves it The choice to love or not to love is yours to make. Be intentional. Love your spouse. Love never dies. Love is eternal for GOD is love. And as HE is so are we in this world. Love like GOD.

  1. My spouse has never met my needs and never will:

Love is selfless. Have you stopped to think whether you are meeting your spouse’s needs as well? Problem arises when we place our spouse on a pedestal where GOD should be. Only GOD can meet all our needs. The spouse can only to that which he/she can because of the human limitations. Those who look to GOD as their SOURCE and RESOURCE never lack any good thing. Refocus on GOD

  1. We fight so much, and it would be better for the children if we end this marriage:

According to Scriptures; Conflicts and quarrels come from the passion at war within you. (James 4:1) Divorce is not the solution for marital conflicts, for it creates even more problems especially for the children. Go for counselling and be intentional in changing for the better. Learn healthy conflict resolution skills. Manage your differences and deal with each other in love. Don’t give up on your marriage. Fight for it. You have war against the forces of evil that are trying to break up your marriage and destabilize your kids’ life. Your spouse is not the enemy. He/she might just be the weak link the devil is using to get at you. Pray for your spouse. Prophesy into his/her life. Seek peace and pursue it earnestly.

  1. I have fallen in love with someone else:

To fall is to have an accident, and accidents can be fatal. The devil is out to kill your joy, steal your happiness and destroy your marriage. The other person you have fallen for is a mirage against your marriage. Be wise my friend. Do not be ignorant of the devil’s devices. It’s a demonic entrapment to enable you commit adultery. Bible says: The one who commits adultery lacks sense; (Proverbs 6: 32.) And by Biblical definition, ‘Adultery also involves a lustful look by a married person’ (Matthew 5:28). Marriage is a covenant and not a convenient arrangement. Ask GOD to help you Work at making your marriage work and to resist the mirage.

  1. I have worked at fixing my marriage but it’s just not working:

The point here is this: “It does not depend on man’s desire or effort, but on GOD’s mercy” (Romans 9:16). Marriage was instituted by GOD. You need GOD every step of the way to keep your marriage going. Bring GOD back into your marriage by acknowledging HIM in all your ways; and HE will direct your path. Stop trying to do it by yourself ask GOD’s mercy for your marriage.

  1. It’s been so long since I have had any joy in this marriage and It’s never going to get better:

Joy is an attitude – a mindset. Joy is something you have within you. Joy, from a Biblical perspective, is a fruit of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Nearly all marriages have a dull season when it appears that your love for each other has waxed cold. The truth is have both been caught up with other things and cut each other out. Now there is a longing in you to recapture the romance and excitement you once felt for your spouse. It is a legitimate desire. Only do not allow the devil pervert it by turning it into something sinister. With love and understanding you will both weather this storm together. Discuss this feeling with your spouse. Both of you work out how to spend more time together in play, in prayer, in date nights etc. The joy of the LORD is your strength. As wine matures it tastes better. Your marriage gets better, in CHRIST’s name.

  1. I’m not sexually attracted to my spouse anymore:

Some of the most likely factors that may have contributed to your present state, could be the result of: Negative feelings, declining hormones(women), job stress, peer pressure; relationship issues, medication; age; menopause, erectile dysfunction (men); etc. Seek medical , psychological as well as Christian spiritual therapy. Go for deliverance to deal with the spirits of frigidity and aversion for marital sex. Deal with anger, resentment and unforgiveness. These places barriers in relationships. You will get past this and come out better in CHRIST’s name.

  1. We both have changed, We are two different people. It can’t work.:

But of course! Change is constant. Learn to appreciate and value your differences. Adapt to the change in your spouse. Be more accommodating. Find a common ground and start there. GOD created woman and man to be different to balance each other out. Differences in personality or in likes and dislikes should enhance rather than destroy your marriage.

  1. My spouse has broken my trust; I can’t trust him/her again:

You need to forgive and to move on. When you know a person’s area of weakness, you work above it and don’t let it get to you. Bible says to trust the LORD with all of your heart, and not to lean on your own understanding. The husband is to love his wife, while the wife is to submit to her husband. To trust any human being is to misplace trust. GOD says in HIS Word that “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength and whose heart turns from GOD” (Jeremiah 17:5). Learn to trust in GOD.

  1. I’m so confused. I don’t know what God’s will is concerning my marriage: GOD has given you the spirit of love, power and of sound mind. Confusion is not from GOD. Cast out the spirit of confusion. Renew your mind by reading the Word of God. Ask GOD for more grace and wisdom in your marriage. The Bible is GOD’s will that is written for us. GOD’s will is that marriage should model the Love of the GOD head. You will enjoy your marriage and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it, in CHRIST’s matchless name.

Your marriage is blessed. More grace, wisdom, understanding, love, peace and harmony are released to you and your spouse. Your marriage shall model the relationship between GOD and CHRIST and CHRIST with HIS Bride, the CHURCH; in CHRIST loving name. Amein. Hephzibah Christly


marriage conflictsMarital problems can deplete energy, disorient, and stagnate. There are some marital issues that result because of personality differences and unrealistic expectations. But there are those that are influenced by the forces of evil.

Sometime ago, a spouse contacted me because he could no longer live with his wife. He hated everything about her. It was as if she had become a monster overnight.  No; there was no ‘other woman’ involved. He resented her in his home.

I discerned that the forces of evil were influencing the situation. And we launched out in warfare prayer against the demonic hordes working against their marriage. And through online counselling, we were able to work through all the other issues that opened them up for demon activity.

Some of those issues are also confronted in this prayer as well.


  • ALMIGHTY GOD, thank YOU for the marriages represented hereon.

I ask ABBA that your power to heal and to restore be here present.

  •       I identify and confess as sin: anger, bitterness, resentment, selfishness, greed, avarice, inability to forgive and to let go, disobedience, and the putting of others first before YOU and our spouse.
  •       In accordance with YOUR Word, I affirm that you have blotted out our sins as well as the handwriting of ordinances working against us.
  • We receive cleansing from all unrighteousness. And affirm that our minds are renewed and we now function in accordance with your will.
  • Let your peace flood our souls.
  • Let unconditional love saturates the entirety of our beings so that the wives will be submissive;  the husbands would love their wives las CHRIST loved the Church and died for Her; and both spouses would submit to one another in love.
  • By the Speaking Blood of JESUS CHRIST, We come against the forces of evil that has been assigned to frustrate and break marriages.
  • All controlling spirits sent against your marriage are bound and rendered impotent and are to leave at once.
  • All negative spiritual networks and reinforcements are to self-destruct at once. Zero visuals. Your marriage is no longer in satan’s radar now, in CHRIST’s name
  • All demons on assignment to your marriage are now isolated and rendered impotent. They can no longer perform their enterprise.
  • The name of JESUS CHRIST is exalted above all names in heaven, on earth and under the earth: therefore as these names are mentioned, all evil spirits and their relatives associated with the following names are to leave at once without causing any damage to lives and property:

Anger; bitterness; resentment; selfishness; malcontent; greed; avarice; wickedness; negative memory; frustration; divorce; separation; single-parenting; constant disagreements; deep seated anger; anguish of soul; fault-finding; blame-shifting; rejection; irresponsibility; plan-less spending; addiction and  addictive behaviour; carelessness; inconsideration; vindictiveness; trouble from in-laws; the tormenting of children with regular/cyclical sicknesses; economic hardship; hate; revenge; disharmony and all form of abuse; cheating; lying; lust; unrealistic expectations, occult projections; witchcraft; idolatry and sorcery: Go now!

I place a ban on all outgoing demons to never to come back under any guise or disguise to torment, oppress, suppress, obsess, intimidate, manipulate, or control ever again, in CHRIST’s name’

  • The FINGER of GOD, the shield of faith and the word of my testimony is against all such evil spirits.
  • I affirm that the works of the devil is destroyed and your marriage is set free to model CHRIST and the Church.
  • Today is the day of salvation, restoration, deliverance and healing of individuals and marriages! An end has come to evil.  The good is come. Let peace like a river flow!
  • All the works of the devil in your marriage is destroyed!
  • Your emotions, mind-set, affection, memory, feelings, mouth, reasoning faculties, perception, understanding, hearing, view-point, speech, body language, attitude and personality is cleansed and renewed.
  • GOD is working in and through you to touch more lives through your marriage.
  • Your marriage is graced and favoured. Unity, harmony, faith, commitment, understanding, love, loyalty, accountability, and Godly characteristics flourish.
  • The fruit of the Holy Spirit is more evident in you. You are producing fruits worthy of repentance.
  • Your household is blessed. Your children are blessed.
  • Your marriage will not end in divorce.  The scourge of ancestral marital failures is stopped in your generation. Single parenting is not your portion. Your spouse will not abandon you and the kids.
  • Your spouse will live long and you both shall enjoy your marriage and endure each other.
  • The other man/woman is to go at once and be married to another
  • Ungodly soul ties are severed. No one, no matter who they are, can interfere with your marriage again. The joy of marriage is restored to you. Your companionship is restored.
  • We boldly declare that the forces behind addiction, infidelity, spousal abuse and neglect are incapacitated. Your marital bond is renewed.
  • Every other relationship that is interfering with the unity and harmony of your family is terminated at once.   All straying spouses are to return home and be reconciled.  Forgiveness flourishes. Laughter resounds in your home.
  • I speak to your finances and economic base to receive the multiplier effect. Have more than enough and bless others.
  • From today, the love and fear of GOD shall inform all your interactions with each other, in CHRIST name.
  • Receive more grace in your marriage. It is well with you all, in CHRIST name I have prayed.

Thank you ABBA for speedy answers to our prayers, for am confident that  YOU will confirm my words and perform my counsel to YOUR glory and praise, in CHRIST name. Amen. – hephzibah christly