Exhortation and Warfare Prayer

blessings on youFaith is the propelling force that keeps you going when things are crowding in on you. Have Faith in the God of the Bible. He will guide you continually. But you’ve got to know Him for yourself. Because there are so many wannabe gods being falsely presented as the Almighty God. Search the scriptures. Read your Bible for it is a revelation of the mind and will of God . The Gospel is only hidden to those who are perishing.

In searching for quick solutions, some compound the problem by dabbling into occultism disguised as Christianity. Do not complicate matters by wrongly seeking help from human agents of the devil. Test all spirits. If you are uneasy about it, trust that gut feeling, do not proceed any further.

Jesus Christ is the only and lasting solution for all of humanity’s troubles. He is the only name given by God for the salvation of humans. Jesus Christ is the only Living way. All other ways are dead end streets.

Do not follow the way that seems right: it leads to physical and spiritual death.

Realize and understand that God works through a process. Respect the process. Short cuts enable virulent demons.

There is nothing that you are going through that is peculiar to you. Christians globally are involved in spiritual warfare. We are all contending with the forces of evil who are trying to frustrate our faith.

Hold still.

Have faith in God. He knows your name: He created you for His glory: You will not be shamed. God will show up strong for you.

He hears your weary heart’s cry. Don’t believe the lie of the devil or your detractors who say God has forgotten you. Absolutely impossible!

A nursing mother may forget her suckling child, but God cannot forget you because you are engraved on the palm of His hand.

Speak peace to that battle raging in your mind. Stay focused on God. Never allow the devil plague you with doubts. A double minded person short-circuits answers to prayers.

The devil is a defeated foe. But he works through the force of persuasive arguments. He bombards the mind with auto suggestions.  Perish that thought. God sees your thoughts. Do not allow evil thoughts fester. They are a corrupting influence.

Counter all negative thoughts with the Word of God. Let the Word of God richly dwell in your heart by faith. Faith is the victory. Guide your heart with all diligence for it is the wellspring of your life. Your thoughts can make or mar your life.

Your tears are all bottled up. You are precious to God. None of those tears you have shed will go to waste. As you have cried, so shall your laughter resound, in Jesus Christ merciful name.


  • I ask God to help and comfort you as a sign of HIS goodness: so that your enemies will see it and realize the futility of working against you
  • Today as God’s Oracle I speak peace from God to that raging storm in your life. Let the Finished work of the Cross manifest in your life condition and situation.
  • Be healed: that sickness is to leave you now. The diseases are to self-destruct at once: The symptoms are stopped in the name of Jesus Christ the Great Physician.
  • Be saved: Salvation comes to your household today. Every member of your household receives the goodness of God that leads to repentance. Your bloodline is forgiven and cleansed of all pollutants and corrupting influences. You will remain strong in the Lord and grow in faith and in grace. All evil spirits managing and ratifying the terms of ancestral covenants are to leave your bloodline now. All altars and strongholds are to self-destruct at once. Your faith in God will be a witness to your world in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
  • Be delivered: You and yours are hereby set free to excel, prosper, and increase, multiply and expand, and to be a voice and influencers in your generations, in the gracious name of Jesus Christ.
  • Be restored: All your misfortunes are hereby reversed to good fortune; the grace of God will abound to you. You are become a blessing to your world. Receive restoration to greater glory, in the powerful name of Jesus the Christ.

Be reconciled: Every enmity is stopped. The wall of division in your family should come down now. Let brotherly love manifest. You shall be there for each other. The prodigals are to come to themselves and to come back now. Fulfil destiny as ministers of reconciliation: in the matchless name of Jesus Christ I have prayed. Amein. – Hephzibah Christly


amazing-things-happenDear Sisters in CHRIST, your past may be a chronicle of wrong choices, rejection, abuses, disappointments and abandonment by the Fathers of your children. I am telling you today that “Your change is come”.GOD is faithful. HE will not allow you to go beyond your threshold of pain. HE knows your pain and can translate it to gain. You just have to make up your mind to go his way. Then HIS enabling grace will help you change your lifestyle and relationships.

GOD loves you. HE says in His Word that:

“I have loved you with an everlasting love;

Therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness.

“Again I will build you and you will be rebuilt, O virgin of Israel! Again you will take up your tambourines,

And go forth to the dances of the merrymakers” (Jeremiah 31: 3; NASB)

You are the object of God’s love. HE promises to build your life up again. HE wants you to turn back to HIM and to turn back from pursuing your lovers. They end up hurting you as much as you lust after them.

GOD is love. In HIS love for you, HE gave you the ability to make choices. HE will not violate your free will.  You have the ability to make a choice today that would either transform or deform your life.

The right choice is for you to invite CHRIST into your life. For without Christ in your life, your life will be full of crises. But when you surrender your life to Christ, HE works in you both to will and to do of GOD’s good pleasure.

You can do yourself a world of good today by asking GOD to help you and deliver you from yourself.

Our greatest enemy is the “self”. It is a misconception to think that the devil is our greatest foe. Of course he is an unrelenting foe, but he is already defeated. It is CHRIST who leads us in triumph over him.

But with the self as the enemy, the battle rests with us. The onus is on the Believer to ‘mortify’ the deeds of the human sinful nature.

The Bible puts it this way:

We have an obligation, but it is not to the flesh, to live according to it. For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. 14For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God” (Romans 8:12, 13; BSB)

In order to live life according to GOD’s design, we die to the self.

But if the self is allowed to rule us by our emotions, death would be calling out to us.

I was once in that exact place. I was so full of me, mine and myself. So much so that I even contemplated suicide.

But GOD’s mercy kept me from taking my life.

My life was one big shame, disgrace, hurts pains and abuses. I lost my self-esteem and self-worth. I was ridiculed, misunderstood, rejected, and abandoned. I became hopeless, homeless, jobless, sick and hungry. I was a single parent and full of self-pity. Eventually, I was all alone. Nothing and no one was there for me. But for GOD’s love, I would have been completely lost.

GOD’s love kept me. His voice became the only voice I heard. That downward trend would have continued. But GOD the Holy Spirit made me realize that my life was going south.  It was then and I cried out to GOD for help. I reached out for His loving arms and HE wrapped it round me. HE holds me in His warm embrace. HE promised to be with me till the end of the age. And He did keep His promises.

Wherever you are at, The All-Loving God is reaching out to you as HE did to me.

I was in a terrible state but GOD mercifully intervened and put my life back on course.

Sisters and you who is reading this today, GOD is not finished with you. He loves you and is looking out for the opportunity to turn your life around. All you need do is call out to HIM. Invite Him into your situation. And He will answer you speedily.

HE says in HIS Word through Isaiah that:

“In returning and rest you shall be saved: In quietness and confidence shall be your strength” (Isaiah 30: 15).

To return to GOD involves repentance.

True repentance means that you have to turn around from the way you think, feel and act and begin to go GOD’s way. You begin to think, feel and act in accordance with GOD’s standard. Only then will you find rest for your soul.

Your strength to go on in life will be restored when your focus is GOD and not the self, people or things.

Humans are incapable of meeting your spiritual, emotional, financial or physical needs. Only GOD can. It is true that God designed our sexual needs to be met by the opposite sex. But then, if seek to fulfil our sexual desires outside of marriage, it most often results in hurts and disappointments.

To continue to pursue the love of humans or things is to court disaster. Most often it pushes towards risky and promiscuous behavior such as prostitution, drug doing and drinking of liquor. And if not quickly confronted, it would necessitate the doing of things totally out of character and outside the perimeter of our value system in order to be held in the warmth and acceptance of another, no matter how dysfunctional the circumstances might be. And the end of it all would be suicide or death from other means.

That is not the way dear friends.

JESUS is the way out of the hurts, pains, rejection, disappointment, abuses, homelessness, economic hardship, emotional torment, sicknesses and diseases.

I am a living testimony that in CHRIST JESUS, rejection becomes acceptance; disgrace translates to more grace; frustration becomes fulfillment; abandonment become appreciation, shame become fame, etc.

Jesus Christ turned my life around. HE turned my mourning into dancing and lifted my sorrows. HE restored hope in me. He poured out HIS love into my heart and I stopped hating. HE will do same for you.

CHRIST JESUS also transforms personality. A nympho/pervert gets healed to become a care giver. A condemned prisoner converts and becomes a prisoner of hope. A murderer becomes a missionary. A prostitute stands the chance of becoming a proclaimer of the Gospel.

There is no end to how far the Love of GOD would go to build up lives once HE is put into the picture.

I speak over you now:

I proclaim that your life is being  built up to glorify GOD.  You will greatly rejoice in God for He will cover you with His robe of righteousness just as a bridegroom decks himself with ornaments and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. Your Change is come. You will sing a new song my friend. I declare that those who hated you will be attracted to HIS glory in your life. You will be radiant. You have become a burning and a shining light in your generation, in CHRIST loving name.

Read what GOD’s Word is saying to you:

 “Therefore, the LORD will wait, that HE may be gracious to you; Therefore HE will be exalted, that HE may have mercy on you. For the LORD is a GOD of justice. Blessed are those who wait for HIM” (Isaiah 30:18)

GOD will not violate your freewill, so invite HIM into your life today. He wants to be gracious to you. He wants to convert your disgrace to great grace. People treated you mercilessly. Perhaps like me you were physically, emotionally and sexually violated.

GOD wants to surround you with mercy. His mercy will shield you from mean and worthless people who want to prey on your loving nature. Exalt HIM today by inviting HIM to takeover and make-over your life.

GOD bless you and speedily intervene in your life, in CHRIST matchless name.

From Hephzibah Christly



mercy God's greater than mistakes

“The race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the warriors, and neither is bread to the wise nor wealth to the discerning nor favor to men of ability; for time and chance overtake them all”. “So then it does not depend on the man who wills or the man who runs, but on God who has mercy” (Ecclesiastes 9:11: Romans 9:16; NASB).

Lot was the Nephew of Abraham. He came under GOD’s covenant with Abraham by association. And so he prospered so much so that conflict arose about grazing rights between his herdsmen and his uncle’s.

When given the opportunity to choose, he made a choice that was informed by greed and selfishness. And he chose wrongly.

He moved on and lived in the place of his choosing and suffered many woes as a result of that wrong choice.

But that notwithstanding, GOD showed him mercy because of his link to Abraham and he continued to prosper even in a depraved society.

And then the time came when GOD had to judge the evils of that depraved society. He confided his intention to Abraham. And Abraham knowing that his nephew lived in that community interceded earnestly for divine mercy and was granted his request.

But rather unfortunately, the society was too far gone in depravity and far beyond Abraham’s intercession.

But mercy prevailed over judgment for LOT and his family. Those who were willing to go with him were saved. But those who chose to ignore him perished with the society.

When GOD’s agents of judgment got to Sodom and Gomorrah, they had a first-hand experience of how low the people had fallen. They told Lot to get going because GOD’s wrath was going to be rained down on the land. But Lot procrastinated until it was almost too late.

Even then, they were compassionate towards him and gave him a head start. And when he even argued with them, GOD’s mercy was magnified to accommodate him. GOD’s mercies are new every morning. HE is constant in mercy.

Read all about this in Genesis chapters 13, and 19.


“And if He rescued Lot, a righteous man distressed by the depraved conduct of the lawless (for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard) — if all this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials and to hold the unrighteous for punishment on the day of judgment.( 2 Peter 2:7-9; BSB)

mercies new every morning


Dear friends, know that GOD’s mercy can be expanded. Be encouraged. As long as you are a Christian, no matter where you are at now, GOD’s mercy will be magnified in your life. Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning.

Remember that you are a partaker of the Divine nature as well as an inheritor of the Abrahamic covenant. So cheer up and ask GOD to mercifully intervene in your situation.


ABBA DAD, we are thankful for your tender mercies and loving kindness. Be BIG in our lives. Let your mercy continually prevail over judgment. Deliver us from wrong choices and help us not to be informed by our physical senses but to be led by your Holy Spirit, In CHRIST mercy-full name Amein.

I pray that GOD’s mercy be magnified for and yours as it was for Lot and his family, in CHRIST merciful name.-

Shalom! Hephzibah Christly


There are lots of theological arguments making the rounds about whether Christians would be raptured before or after the tribulation. And so many friends have asked my opinion on this issue as well:
Honestly, I refuse to allow theological arguments introduce fear into my life. I know in WHOM I have believed. Besides, I don’t do theological arguments. As a ‘free moral agent’, you are entitled to your beliefs just as I am entitled to mine.
Whether the rapture happens before or after the tribulation is of no consequence to me whatsoever. This is because HE who called me is FAITHFUL. If HE can give me the Kingdom can HE also not be able to ‘protect’ me throughout the tribulation if HE is inclined to leave me here?
Salvation is by grace through faith. It is the gift of GOD and not attained by works. I have assurance of salvation. I am an heir of GOD and Joint-heir with CHRIST.
For me to live is CHRIST and to die is gain’. If I remain alive, my prolonged life will be nothing but a life of which the whole essential element and real tenor is Christ as the One to whom the whole destination and activity of my life bear reference .
So, why should the ‘timing’ of the ‘rapture’ bother me?
Whether to rapture the saints before, during, or after the tribulation is a DIVINE prerogative. That is GOD’s responsibility.
‘I AM the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the BEGINNING and the END’’, says the LORD (Revelation 1:8)
Why should I bother myself with what I have no power over when I have my own responsibility-which is to take the GOOD NEWS to the ends of the earth?
The GOOD NEWS is this:
Consequently, HE is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to GOD through HIM, since HE always lives to make intercession for them.“(Hebrews 7:25). Shalom! Maranatha!
-hephzibah christly