Secure Your Perimeter

Father God, I plead the blood of Christ for protection; over my life, my families, friends, my physical and online ministries and all over my page families:
I stand against all phishing, cloning, profile jacking and every other evil activity aimed at frustrating my life’s work.

All the networks of evil operating online are hereby commanded to disintegrate, Holy fire is released as a thunderbolt to destroy them.
All physical or spiritual firewall and other means of protection hackers have installed are hereby ordered to disintegrate by fire,.

All nefarious clandestine activities by agencies, whether state or federal aimed at frustrating my ministry, calling, putting me and all that pertains and relates to me into bondage, is hereby exposed to public ridicule.

I refuse to be under bondage to friend or foe and therefore stand in the liberty that Christ obtained for me. I affirm that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, therefore, all monitoring and homing devices are reduced to toys. All frenemies are hereby served notice to disengage and be subdued forever.

All spirits of intimidation, manipulation, control, disguise, projections, judgementalism, fault finding, abuse, religion, rejection argumentativeness, infirmities, insecurities, hardship, phobias, instability, frustration, bondages, and all related chain of spirits sent to ‘vex’ me and mine, are to leave at once. As you leave you are bound to not cause any havoc. Just go away now to the feet of Christ.

I call for for a spiritual search to reveal any evil still in our lives, situations and circumstances.
Any evil located, be destroyed by fire.

Angels on assignment are released to guide and guard us and our interests. The fear and dread of God, incapacitates our foes for our sake. The power and presence of the Holy Spirit fills us afresh, to God’s glory.
The peace of GOD garrisons our souls , holy fire surround us and all that pertains and relates to us.

From now, Whoever or whatever gathers for our sakes, scatters for our sake. All tongues of accusation is hereby condemned to silence for the blood of Christ is speaking justification, righteousness, holiness for us. We are above all the forces of evil because we are born from above.

All things are working for our good, this is the season of Divine favor for us.
Divine favor shields us and divine mercy surrounds us, in Christ precious name.

Hephzibah Christly


Healing your Relationship

“GOD cannot be mocked; a man reaps what he sows” Gal 6:7, NIV:

In any relationship, how you interact with the other person determines how that person will interact with you. This is so because people only notice what the other person says and does and then treat them accordingly. What you sow you reap. When people receive love and appreciation, they give back love and appreciation. When people receive criticisms and resentment, they give back what they have received also.

Dear people of GOD, we can no longer allow our basest instinct for survival influence our relationship with others.
When two people in a relationship react in anger instead of responding in love, then there is no one at the helm of the ship and the ship will hit the rocks.

The man is the stronger in the relationship and should therefore regain control by resolving issues instead of creating a circle of conflict by resisting, attacking and withdrawing, or else, the other partner(the weaker vessel) will put up and fortify walls, distance will grow and the experience of love will quickly fade away.

In CHRIST love, will you both stop hurting each other over and over again and feeling justified about your words and actions; and start working at rebuilding what you both have damaged in your GOD given relationship?

When relationships don’t work, it affects your whole personality and every aspect of your life. The fear and upset can be so consuming as to make you lose all effectiveness . To move forward becomes difficult . It would affect your future relationships because you’ll be carrying the baggage of the past painful experience wherever you go.

Until you heal your relationships, you will never be totally free. The anger and hurts will follow you forever. It is to your advantage to work at healing your present relationship. Any relationship can heal. Healing starts when you see your role in the disharmony. The key to restoring love is you! Shalom!
Hephzibah Christly